Vegetarian Meals for Weight Loss

Vegetarian diets cause major weight loss
Vegetarian Meals for Weight Loss | Linda Wagner

A scientific review in April’s Nutrition Reviews shows that a vegetarian diet is highly effective for weight loss.

Vegetarian populations tend to be slimmer than meat-eaters, and they experience lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other life-threatening conditions linked to overweight and obesity. The new review, compiling data from 87 previous studies, shows the weight-loss effect does not depend on exercise or calorie-counting, and it occurs at a rate of approximately 1 pound per week.

Rates of obesity in the general population are skyrocketing, while in vegetarians, obesity prevalence ranges from 0 percent to 6 percent, note study authors Susan E. Berkow, Ph.D., C.N.S., and Neal D. Barnard, M.D., of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

The authors found that the body weight of both male and female vegetarians is, on average, 3 percent to 20 percent lower than that of meat-eaters. Vegetarian and vegan diets have also been put to the test in clinical studies, as the review notes. The best of these clinical studies isolated the effects of diet by keeping exercise constant. The researchers found that a low-fat vegan diet leads to weight loss of about 1 pound per week, even without additional exercise or limits on portion sizes, calories, or carbohydrates.

“Our research reveals that people can enjoy unlimited portions of high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight without feeling hungry, ” says Dr. Berkow, the lead author.

“There is evidence that a vegan diet causes an increased calorie burn after meals, meaning plant-based foods are being used more efficiently as fuel for the body, as opposed to being stored as fat, ” says Dr. Barnard. Insulin sensitivity is increased by a vegan diet, allowing nutrients to more rapidly enter the cells of the body to be converted to heat rather than to fat.

Earlier this month, a team of researchers led by Tim Key of Oxford University found that meat-eaters who switched to a plant-based diet gained less weight over a period of five years. Papers reviewed by Drs. Berkow and Barnard include several published by Dr. Key and his colleagues, as well as a recent study of more than 55, 000 Swedish women showing that meat-eaters are more likely to be overweight than vegetarians and vegans.



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Vegetarian trying to lose weight

2008-04-18 03:45:14 by BlueBear7409

I'm looking for a detailed weight loss plan in a book or online or ? I'd like it where the meals are laid out, broken down, already planned out. I don't eat meat. No fish, no chicken, no meat. I'll eat eggs but I don't really like them. I do drink milk & eat cheese. Please, I appreciate all advice. I'd like to lose about 15lbs. Thank you.

Some for you

2008-04-19 05:41:23 by chidame

As long as you eat frequently enough, you can snack for meals. if you are having 300-400 calories at a time, for a weightloss diet with a calorie limit of 1500 calories, you would need to eat 4 times a day. if your snacks end up being smaller in calorie amount, you'll need to eat more frequently.
if what you are doing now is just grazing and you would like to lose weight but you want to be able to still continue having a hand full of something here and there, you will need to track what your snacks are like now in a calorie or food tracker. it is astonishing how those "little somethings" can translate into a very large calorie amount

Advice on wt loss

2008-04-20 17:56:51 by btune

I kicked up my routine in dec .. cardio 1 hour 5-6x per week , high intensity like kick boxing/step ; lift 4 days/week ; with a trainer for resistence 2 days/week.. 5 meals a day.1800 cal total; I have lost no weight .. I'm a vegetarian and have decided to add fish to my diet thinking this may be an issue .. any thoughts or advice ?

This is an international forum,

2012-02-03 15:59:34 by Betty_Page

So most posters here are not from your area. I imagine at this point, you are looking to only do this locally?
In general, I think many people would be interested in a service like this. But, this will be A LOT of work for you.
- What's your price point for meals? Will there be different tiers based on the price of the ingredients?
- Will you provide dietary-restricted meals? Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free? Nut free?
- How will you package these meals?
- How will you deliver these meals?
- Will these be fresh or frozen? If fresh, how long will they last?
- Are you going to commit to locally-grown products when possible?
- How many meal varieties will you offer?
- What will your profit margin be?
- How will you advertise?
- Who will...

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet
Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet
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Vegetarian Meal Plan Lose Weight - Free …
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