Vegetarian diet weight loss success Stories

Vegetarian Diet - Have you lost weight or improved your health on a vegetarian diet or a healthy vegan diet?
Her Weight Loss Diary: Weight Loss Success Stories: Jung Da Yeon

vegetarian for 2 years

I actually became a vegetarian for health reasons. I have really never liked meat, so giving it up was rather easy. I also do not eat any "fake" meat products and try to stay away from processed foods. I lost 22 lbs and my stomach flattened not to mention increased energy and health. My allergies have disappeared and I can't remembered the last time I was ill. Blood pressure 92/59 and I take no medications of any kind for any chronic illnesses. I am 56 and now trying my venture into Vegan. Wish me well!—Guest Brenda

No more heartburn!!

In Oct 2012 I experienced severe abdominal pain and heartburn that kept me out of work for a week. I could no longer digest fats and meats. I decided to eliminate them from my diet and I lost 20 lbs and my abdominal issues stopped. I went home to Jamaica for the holidays and could not resist the jerk chicken and jerk pork. This started the painful cycle all over again. I am now back being a vegan and I am feeling great. —Guest Retta

Success still in process

In about 10 months, have lost 50 lbs., reduced my high blood pressure med dosage, with doctor's support, by one half, and totally eliminated need for high cholesterol meds, which I'd been on for nearly 10 years. Feel absolutely great, enjoy eating more than ever, and this vegetarian, almost vegan eating absolutely is excellent. I've started my own blog of this journey, which I hope inspires somebody. aesincr

Health improved by Vegetarian diet

I have a healthy colon, heart, and lean body mass. Everyone tells me I look twenty years younger than I am. Not only does the vegetarian diet improve your health, but improves pollution on the earth. We must protest he mass production of animals and put an end to the violent and abusive treatment of animals! —Guest Gail

Weight loss

I stopped eating meat just over 5 years and I lost 22 pounds and have kept it off, also arthritis in my fingers gone.—Guest Nida

Dolores' improved health as a vegetarian

I had a fistula for many years. When I ate a vegan diet it healed completely. I also lost over 40 pounds in less than a year—Guest Dolores

Improved health

I stopped all dairy and meat and ate boiled veggies. My skin showed improvement and I become lighter. Thanks —Guest mokete


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Weight loss is a numbers game

2008-11-07 12:58:47 by UrJustADayLate

And a transformation into a person with a healthier lifestyle than they had before they started their weight loss journey.
It takes a bit of dedication, education, and determination.. but it's possible for anyone! =)
I tried many times to lose.. but only succeeded this last time because I committed myself to a completely different lifestyle. Do I slip up? Yes.. but I make up for my mishaps!
Starting is the hardest part.
Counting calories is important. Loading up on veggies, lean meats (unless you're a vegetarian), and whole grains on top of cutting back on sugar is a good first step

Work out, diet, still no weight loss?

2009-01-24 03:17:37 by spinx88

So i work out 6 days a week, i eat pretty healthy and i somehow still do not lose any weight. i ran a half marathon last year trained for a few months. also signed up with a personal trainer for a few months but maybe lost 5lbs. total? he accused me of eating trash behind his back and i was so offended. anyway, i'm 5'6 and 169 lbs.i can't stand it...i've tried everything...i take spinning twice a week, boot camp class twice a week, run/cardio 3 times a week...i sometimes even work out twice a day if i'm up for it. my dr says i'm technically overweight but can't believe i weigh so much based on looks

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