Vegetarian Diet Weight Loss Results

Amazing weight loss results with the vegan diet. Simone tells us how.

My name is Simone and I’m a 21 year old single, stay-at-home mum of a 1 year old boy, Connor. I’m currently studying to become a breastfeeding counsellor and plan on becoming a lactation consultant in the future. Soon I will be starting a vegetarian/vegan nutrition course so I can become a vegetarian/vegan nutrition consultant and help people with their diets and health.

I’ve been vegan since March 2010. I am 174cm and used to be overweight but I now weigh a healthy 60kg. I used to always struggle with my weight and I didn’t have a good relationship with food; I saw it as my enemy and something I should avoid. I tried everything to lose weight even drugs and before I became pregnant I did lose weight, but it was a hard and unhealthy journey. While pregnant I gained the weight again. When I had my son, something shifted within me, I didn’t see meat as food, but I saw it as someone’s mother, daughter, son, brother. I saw dairy as a mother’s stolen breastmilk, which really upset me. I lost the baby weight following a vegan lifestyle. I have a better relationship with food now and see it very differently because everything I eat is cruelty free, and I feel like with every meal I am making a difference in the world.

1. Please share with us your journey towards a healthy weight. How did you achieve it? Any special tips you would like to share with us?

I had a lot of weight which I gained during my pregnancy to lose, and never thought I’d be able to. I didn’t go vegan to lose the weight, I went vegan because I could no longer be a part of or support industries which torture animals. The weight loss was a bonus! I ate when I was hungry and never deprived myself if I felt like a treat. I have a lot of different foods now in my diet, whereas before I ate the same things every week. It was boring. Now I try new foods every few days! I invested in a couple of vegan cookbooks including a raw vegan one and found a couple of good recipe websites. I suggest that anyone going vegan do that, because it can be very scary at the thought of cutting out meat, dairy and eggs if that’s all you ate previously. You may think there is nothing to eat, but you will be very surprised at what you find!

2. Does a vegan diet help to maintain a healthy weight?

I believe it does. Since becoming vegan I have become more health conscious and I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition. I felt like I needed to learn about sources of vitamins and minerals so if anybody asked me, “How do you get your iron?” I could answer with confidence. I previously had no idea when it came to nutrition, I just ate whatever and hoped I was getting what I needed. Now I know I get all of the required vitamins, minerals, etc as I had a blood test to see how I was going, and my doctor was speechless! It was nice to prove that a vegan diet can be healthy!


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Weight loss is a numbers game

2008-11-07 12:58:47 by UrJustADayLate

And a transformation into a person with a healthier lifestyle than they had before they started their weight loss journey.
It takes a bit of dedication, education, and determination.. but it's possible for anyone! =)
I tried many times to lose.. but only succeeded this last time because I committed myself to a completely different lifestyle. Do I slip up? Yes.. but I make up for my mishaps!
Starting is the hardest part.
Counting calories is important. Loading up on veggies, lean meats (unless you're a vegetarian), and whole grains on top of cutting back on sugar is a good first step

Work out, diet, still no weight loss?

2009-01-24 03:17:37 by spinx88

So i work out 6 days a week, i eat pretty healthy and i somehow still do not lose any weight. i ran a half marathon last year trained for a few months. also signed up with a personal trainer for a few months but maybe lost 5lbs. total? he accused me of eating trash behind his back and i was so offended. anyway, i'm 5'6 and 169 lbs.i can't stand it...i've tried everything...i take spinning twice a week, boot camp class twice a week, run/cardio 3 times a week...i sometimes even work out twice a day if i'm up for it. my dr says i'm technically overweight but can't believe i weigh so much based on looks

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