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Sobiya N. Moghul, Health Me Up Sep 13, 2013, 12.00AM IST

Lentils is the fastest and easy to prepare food for mothers, while being the most popular ingredient in Indian kitchens. These daals can reduce your chances of a heart attack, stabilise sugar count and help in weight loss.

Lentils are a bona fide belly flattener. They're high in protein and soluble fiber, two nutrients that stabilize blood sugar levels. Eating them helps prevent insulin spikes that cause your body to create excess fat, especially in the abdominal area.

This weight loss food is perfect for diabetes patients and at the same time improve your iron level and source for vitamin B. It is not only a comfort food but also a good protein source vegetarians.

Weight Loss Foods in Every Indian Kitchen #15


According to HMU expert Arnav Sarkar, Bananas are part of a healthy diet, and should also be part of a fat loss diet, however no food by itself helps one to lose weight. To lose weight one has to create a caloric deficit i.e to burn more calories than what they consume in a day.

For most cases a caloric deficit of 10-15% works best and ones that create a greater caloric deficit generally causes more muscle loss rather than fat loss.

For starters bananas offer healthy carbs which give energy to be more active and feel great. It is also high in the mineral potassium which helps to lower blood pressure. The fiber content of bananas helps to control hunger much better for those who are trying to lose fat. And it has also been found to help students study better thanks to its supply of the vitamin B6.

Some more benefits of bananas - It has been found to help reduce depression due to its content of Tryptophan, the iron content in it helps those with anemia and it also helps to reduce constipation due to its fiber content.

Breakfast is the best time to have this fruit. You can chop bananas in a bowl, add milk and a few strawberries.

Weight Loss Foods in Every Indian Kitchen #15


This beautiful looking veggie works best in every Indian recipe and also as a weight loss food, every time you munch on a tomato, your body releases a hormone called cholecystokinin, which tightens the valve between your stomach and your intestine. As a result, CCK boosts feelings of fullness—making you less apt to overeat.

This weight loss food boosts your energy, stabilizes your blood sugar levels, controls your appetite, detoxifies your body and reduces cholesterol. Tomatoes are also low in calories, a plus for any dieter.

When using tomatoes in your dishes, avoid mixing thme with bread, pasta, potatoes or rice, as this combination can cause acidity.

Weight Loss Foods in Every Indian Kitchen #16

Olive oil

Olive oil has healthy fat that increases satiety, taming your appetite. But that's hardly its only slimming feature.

Olive oil contains antioxidant - polyphenols. They help the body in detoxify unbalanced molecules, otherwise called - free radicals. This weight loss oil is an excellent remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Various published studies speak of these rheumatoid arthritis fighting properties.

Research shows it has anti-inflammatory properties, and chronic inflammation in the body is linked to metabolic syndrome. Drizzle your salad with olive oil and you'll increase the antioxidant power of your veggies, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition notes.

Weight Loss Foods in Every Indian Kitchen #17


This weight loss food is found on every continent, so you have no excuses to shy away from this green leafy ball. Cabbage is the ideal veggie for constipation, skin and eye disorders, aging, stomach ulcers and Alzheimer's to name a few. Detox with patta ghobi; it is a good blood purifier as well.


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SB has a vegetarian plan online

2009-09-08 14:23:40 by krippilicious

You can access their Web site for free for a weeklong trial, I believe. You could use that time to download some of their vegetarian recipes and start creating your own meal plans.
I did South Beach many years ago as the catalyst for my weight loss. I wasn't vegetarian then, but I have been for a very long time now, and I still follow SB principles. Understanding the science behind that diet is what's helped me maintain my weight loss and make good choices that fit in with my diet no matter if I'm cooking or at a restaurant or at a party or whatever. That's going to be the biggest takeaway for you: rather than just reading recipes, make sure you understand why they want you to eat the kinds of foods they want you to eat.

Weight Loss

2002-07-09 11:18:47 by Eshta

I've never been on WW but I lost over 110 pounds in the past couple years on my own. (I was a size 22/24, I am now an 8/10)
No pills or anything, just healthy eating and near-daily exercise. (cardio, weight lifting and stretching)
I have maintained my weight for a year now and still do the same things. I think it's possible to still be a foodie and eat in a healthful manner. Moderation really -is- key.
Some snacky things that I like:
Lunchmeat wrapped around celery sticks, bell pepper slices or other vegetable (ha ha! hides the vegetable) Just watch the salt

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