Vegetables diet weight loss Program

Fruit and Vegetable Diet for Weight Loss |

Fruit and Vegetable Diet for Weight Loss

Fruit and vegetable diet for our health

Hello dear, welcome to another session of Fruit and Vegetable Diet. This is a chain part of the segment “Fruit and vegetable diet” as we know fruit and vegetable diet is a very important part of our weight loss program. We can’t ignore fruit and vegetable diet for our everyday diet plan. Today I want to discuss something about how fruit and vegetable diet can help our purpose.

We are not talking about any purpose of weight loss, because Fruit and vegetable diet can help us many ways for our over all body need. We can’t ignore this diet as they are really good for us. This diet can lower the risk and prevent the number of serious illnesses and health problems as well, for example; cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. One thing that is very important specially for weight loser, greater part of fruit and vegetable contain no unhealthy fats, cholesterol and they are low in calories.

Fruits and vegetables diet contain lots of things for our body. It contain the high amount of fiber that means if you want to look forward to choose some foods are high in fiber, fruit and vegetable diet is the highest source of it.
► Fruit and vegetable Diet is the great source of some essential Vitamins and minerals.
► Fruit and vegetable Diet made of water example; melons up to 94%, which is very essential for our body and skin. Fiber foods are very essential for our overall health. It helps many ways; it keeps bowel movements regular, prevent constipation, bowel cancer and other illnesses.

► There are lots of different minerals, nutrients and antioxidants in different colored fruits and vegetable.
► There are lots of green leafy vegetables that help us to protect delay and may prevent the onset of degenerative
► Fruit and vegetable diet is the great of source of Vitamins C and E, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, manganese and iron. Such as melon, tomatoes, carrots, apricots


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Diet and Exercise to Lose Fat Weight

2007-12-08 11:04:41 by eat2live

Cover Bailey would ask 'Forty pounds of what?' When you lose weight just by dieting, you lose bone and muscle mass that are needed to use up the excess calories. Weight loss from diet alone will result in loss of bone and muscle weight. You can lose fat weight, but once you return to your old habits, the fat weight comes back with a vengeance
After you fill your car's gas tank you don't keep on adding more fuel, but that's precisely what you have done when you become overweight. Let's see, the bumper looks too gaunt, let's keep putting more gas in to plump it up. That's what you're doing when you eat excess calories

Do you want a diet or change

2008-10-27 11:07:22 by jus_for_life

I think most agree that diets don't work...often because people can't stay on them and fall back. A long-term exercise and nutrition program is the best way for lifetime success. The good news is you can also see quick weight loss without going on a "diet". Have you seen the Biggest Loser? Do they use the South Beach or other diets? No, they start people exercising and knowing what they eat.
Maybe this site has information that will help you.
It has some practical examples of changing your eating and exercise habits

Diet/Exercise help needed

2008-03-11 22:12:18 by shortpoptart

Hi all! I was wondering if some of you would spare some patience and advise me on a weight loss regimen. I am 22, 5'3, 207 lbs and wear my weight proportionally, perhaps with a bit of emphasis on my stomach. My biggest problem is getting to the gym (more a mental effort than a physical one), but when I go, I love it (surprisingly enough, this does not motivate me enough to go the next day). My favourite machine is the elliptical, and I despise the treadmill. If I am being honest, I do not overeat, but I do not count calories either. I do not get enough fruits and vegetables in my diet, which I would love to change

Another pre ordained study on diets

2009-02-26 07:54:16 by ninetyfivepercent

A Study led by Harvard compared loss using low carb vs low fat concluded it doesn't make any difference. The only thing that made any difference was calories.
Then it went on to say all four diets were high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low in cholesteral.
Given inclusion of grains, fruits, etc, the "low carb" diet wasn't low at all. Low carb means really low as in the Atkins diet, which studies have shown enables a far greater and faster loss than any other diet. Because of the results, dieters are more likely to stick Atkins than any other program

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