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Weight loss diet by expert dietician

weight loss diet Losing weight is not just about sweating it out for hours in the gym, but also about what you eat. Many people may work out regularly but not see any results as they do not eat the right food. Having junk or unhealthy food can ruin the hard work you put in in the gym in no time. Our expert Shilpa Mittal, a renowned dietician, gives tips and a sample diet for those who want to lose weight.

According to me, if one wants to lose weight, their diet should be as close to their normal diet as possible; only then will they be able to stick to it. Otherwise one tends to discontinue the diet or does not follow it regularly. So, if you are a south Indian who enjoys his dosas and idlis, the diet should include these but in a low-fat form.

Here are a few tips before I share the sample diet for weight loss:

For weight loss, a healthy and balanced diet is a must as it helps maintain your metabolic rate, gives you energy, maintains the shine and lustre of your hair and skin and if a person has any medical issue, the diet helps to prevent it or at least lowers the medicine dosage.

Diet for weight loss involves a healthy lifestyle change – you do not need to follow a particular diet to lose weight but you need to eat healthy. It should be based on your likes, dislikes, culture, schedule, and a pattern that you are willing to accept and follow in your daily life.

Apart from diet, one needs to engage themselves in some kind of physical exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, jogging, etc. This is essential to burn fat and keep the metabolic rate in control. Here is sample diet plan for weight loss that I have been promising you:

Breakfast: Start your day with milk and cornflakes, or milk and poha/upma. If you are from northern India, and are into eating parathas, you can still have them but make them healthy. Instead of just aloo paratha have potato mixed with other vegetables and use less of oil/ghee/butter. Similarly, if you are from southern India, you can have idlis, dosa, uttappa but avoid medu wada since that is fried. You can even opt for egg omelette or sandwiches.

Lunch: This can consist of a proper meal like rotis/ bhakri with vegetables, salads and a source of protein from dal/curd/ sprouts/ non-veg dishes like eggs, fish, chicken plus a small helping of rice. Avoid pickles and papads.


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Good diet for weight loss.

2013-02-04 04:12:27 by spunkyrose1938

The reason you are hungry all the time is because the severe diet you have created for yourself.
When I am in weight losing mode,which is pretty much all the time. I am never hungry. I am pretty active but 74 years old, so I gear my diet to that. I am also diabetic but very healthy
otherwise. For breakfast I have a combination of nuts and dried fruit. I use pecans,
walnuts, almonds, which I toast, prunes, apricots which I cut up, and dried cranberries. I have
1/2 cup of this mixture. The nuts are high in protein, the fruit provides a little seetness, vitamins and minerals

Low fat, high protein diets? A new study...

2012-07-04 08:28:00 by RF-MD

We often discuss here the best diet for weight loss: low-carb, organic, vegan, GOMBS.... My position is that people should eat “healthy” diets, free from over-processed food, excess sugar, and “junk”, while controlling the total number of calories they consume and exercising more; “calories in - calories out = calories left over.” While that equation remains tautological and therefore correct, reality is more complicated.
A study ( in the June 27 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association took a look at the effect of the composition of diet on weight loss in obese people

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