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Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Fruit Really a "Free" Food for Weight Loss?
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Q: Can I really eat as much fresh fruit as I want and still lose weight?

A: Unfortunately, no. Fresh fruit is a healthy choice and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants; however fruit still contains calories and carbohydrates. These are two things that can stop your weight-loss progress in its tracks if left unchecked.

Whether or not you should eat fruit while dieting has always been a controversial topic. The Internet is cluttered with articles claiming that eating fruit will make you fat, while more recently Weight Watchers has deemed fruit a 'zero points food' as part of the Points Plus system, allowing dieters to eat all the fruit they want without it impacting their daily points total.

Which is correct? Is your daily cup of blueberries to blame for that extra layer of belly fat you can't seem to burn off? Or is it an innocent bystander in your quest for your ideal body? One of the reasons that fruit is so controversial is because it can be a double-edged sword. While fruit is a very nutritious food that should be included in a weight loss diet, there may come a time when you will need to reduce or temporarily remove fruit from your diet to reach your goals. Let's take a closer look at both sides of this controversy.

Why Fruit is a Good Food for Weight Loss
The carbohydrates in fruit do not have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels, as most fruits have a low glycemic load. Fruits can also supply a significant dose of fiber to your diet, which will slow digestion and make you feel fuller. For example, just one cup of raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber.

Fruits like blueberries are also a good source of antioxidants, which can help lower your blood pressure, fight off oxidative stress, and in some cases work at the DNA level to aid in weight loss.

Fruit has multiple benefits that warrant it being a staple in your diet; but what about its supposed dark side?

Why Fruit Might Hinder Weight Loss
Fruit is high in the simple sugar fructose, which is the main reason why many people trying to lose weight remove it from their diet. Unlike glucose, the most common simple sugar that's sent to your muscles, brain, and other organs for them to use as energy, fructose is only processed by your liver. Why is that bad? If your liver already has ample energy, there is a higher likelihood that your liver will repackage the excess fructose as fat, saving it for use at a later time. While this is a biochemical truth, its impact on your waistline is blown out of proportion, especially when you consider that fruit isn't even one of the top five sources of fructose in the American diet.

More relevant reasons why fruit should not be given the 'eat as much as you want' label: When you're trying to lose weight, calories and carbohydrates matter. One banana contains 100 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates. One apple can contain as much as 115 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

Limiting carbohydrate intake to 100 grams per day is a common target for people using a moderately carbohydrate-restricted approach to weight loss. If that is the case, eating two bananas and one apple will take up 84 percent of your carbohydrate intake for the entire day. Even if you are eating 1800 calories per day and 40 percent of those calories from carbohydrates (a 'zone' type approach), two bananas and one apple will take up 46 percent of your carbohydrates for that day.

Source: www.shape.com

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Good diet for weight loss.

2013-02-04 04:12:27 by spunkyrose1938

The reason you are hungry all the time is because the severe diet you have created for yourself.
When I am in weight losing mode,which is pretty much all the time. I am never hungry. I am pretty active but 74 years old, so I gear my diet to that. I am also diabetic but very healthy
otherwise. For breakfast I have a combination of nuts and dried fruit. I use pecans,
walnuts, almonds, which I toast, prunes, apricots which I cut up, and dried cranberries. I have
1/2 cup of this mixture. The nuts are high in protein, the fruit provides a little seetness, vitamins and minerals

What is up with random weight loss/gain???

2006-03-04 10:21:58 by morimur

Long story short: I'm late 30's and ahve gained 1-2 lbs a year since college, then put on 7 lbs in a month about 1.5 years ago, so I tried to get serious about losing some, then getting on a healthy diet once i got down to a good weight. Did Atkins for 3 months, and lost 10-15 lbs., but gained most of it it back after slowly going off it.
Then I learned I had borderline high BP and cholesterol, so I got really serious about healthy eating -- only whoel grains, but mostly lean protein, veggies, and a little fruit. Didn't lose a damned thing. But over the last two weeks, I've slipped, eated girl scout cookies, Panda Express, and lots of other unhealthy big food, and I step on the scale -- I've lost 5 lbs

It's not an argument of weight loss

2010-11-01 19:25:19 by wildwestzona

We are not arguing weight loss, we all know that low carb will cause weight loss, that is undeniable. Not sure what your point is.
But then what? what about 5 years, 10 years, 20 years later. It's about adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes low stress, eating a balance nutritional plan, exercise, sleep, water, etc.... You tell someone to do no carb diet and what do you tell them? You tell them that they will lose weight, but will gain it back when they go back to eating regularly. Otherwise, they have to continue to NOT eat fruit, vegies, and whole grains, but then their cholesterol will shoot through the roof and put them at risk for MAJOR health complications 10 years, 20 years down the road

My Diet - Thoughts?

2013-01-10 11:13:32 by Carly55

I have been on a high protein diet and I am only allowed 1/2 cup veggies per day and no fruit. I am consuming about 600 calories per day. I sometimes will have 2 protien shakes and just dinner it just really depends on how I want to disperse my calorie intake for the day.
So before you freak out this is a monitored diet by a Dr and I go into the office once a week for them to check blood, weight loss etc. I take a ton of vitamins per day to help with the low calorie intake. I also get 2 shots per week to help with the weight loss/cravings. This is something that I have recently started and it is working well, I am happy with the amount of weight that I have lost since I have been in the program

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