Healthy fruit diet for weight loss

Eating Green Vegetables For Weight Loss

Green vegetables can help with weight loss. Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Green vegetables are naturally colored by the plant pigment chlorophyll. These vegetables can help you lose weight when you eat them as part of a healthy and varied diet. Talk to your doctor before you start trying to lose weight. He may have suggestions and specific guidance for your individual needs.

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Some examples of green vegetables include zucchini, spinach, celery, green peppers, peas, artichokes, green onions, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. While each type of green vegetable varies in its flavor and calorie count, all are beneficial to your health.

Eating green vegetables should be part of a well-rounded diet that also includes whole grains, fruits and lean proteins. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which helps you feel full for a longer period of time and helps reduce hunger spikes between meals. This can help you consume less food in the long run.

You can include green vegetables in your diet and lose weight because vegetables have fewer calories than other foods. For example, one cup of pasta has around 190 calories, but one cup of green beans has just 44 calories, and one cup of broccoli has 30 calories, according to the CDC. You can substitute spinach for some of the cheese in an omelet for a low calorie option. Add broccoli or celery to soup to make it more filling with fewer calories.

The CDC states that diets rich in fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are good sources of calcium. Some green vegetables, such as spinach, celery and green peppers, contain lutein that helps keep your eyes healthy.

Keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you must expend more calories than you take in. Eating green vegetables will only help you lose weight if you reduce your overall calorie intake. To prepare green vegetables and retain their weight loss benefits, avoid using canned vegetables and vegetable dishes with cream sauces. Try steaming your vegetables or eating them with a low-fat dressing.


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Good diet for weight loss.

2013-02-04 04:12:27 by spunkyrose1938

The reason you are hungry all the time is because the severe diet you have created for yourself.
When I am in weight losing mode,which is pretty much all the time. I am never hungry. I am pretty active but 74 years old, so I gear my diet to that. I am also diabetic but very healthy
otherwise. For breakfast I have a combination of nuts and dried fruit. I use pecans,
walnuts, almonds, which I toast, prunes, apricots which I cut up, and dried cranberries. I have
1/2 cup of this mixture. The nuts are high in protein, the fruit provides a little seetness, vitamins and minerals

Juicing is great for health, but weight loss?

2012-09-04 09:54:09 by type1racegirl

Honestly, juicing AND eating is not going to lead to weight loss... watch the type of people going into Jamba Juice for example - those smoothies are extremely caloric! if you want to replace meals with juices, it's a good way to cut calories while adding nutrients, but if you're thinking of supplementing your current diet with some juice, all you're going to do is GAIN weight.
my tips? stick with veggies, and sweeten with fruit. keep it simple and within the same colors. for example - beet, carrot and apple go very well together. so does apple, carrot, ginger... the more you add, the more you stray away from good taste

It's not an argument of weight loss

2010-11-01 19:25:19 by wildwestzona

We are not arguing weight loss, we all know that low carb will cause weight loss, that is undeniable. Not sure what your point is.
But then what? what about 5 years, 10 years, 20 years later. It's about adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes low stress, eating a balance nutritional plan, exercise, sleep, water, etc.... You tell someone to do no carb diet and what do you tell them? You tell them that they will lose weight, but will gain it back when they go back to eating regularly. Otherwise, they have to continue to NOT eat fruit, vegies, and whole grains, but then their cholesterol will shoot through the roof and put them at risk for MAJOR health complications 10 years, 20 years down the road

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