Fruit only diet weight loss

Will Eating Fruit Hamper Weight Loss?

After yesterday’s post on the potential benefits of eating blueberries, some readers noted that one should not discount the calories in fruit. In addition, there appears to be a “myth” out there that because of the sugar in fruit, they should be considered a high-glycemic food and could therefore be counterproductive in weight-loss diets – especially for people trying a “low-carb” approach to weight loss.

On the other hand, dietary guidelines regularly recommend more fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy balanced diet.

So does eating fruit sabotage efforts to lose weight?

This question was addressed by Kerstin Schroder from the University of Utah in a study just published in Nutrition.

Schroder examined the effect of fruit consumption on body weight and weight loss in 77 overweight and obese dieters enrolled in a 6-month randomized controlled trial testing the effects of a computer-assisted dieting intervention program with the goal to decrease energy intake, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and maintain a balanced diet.

Overall weight loss during the intervention was rather modest (average weight loss of 3.23 lb).

Although vegetable consumption increased as a result of the intervention, fruit consumption did not.

However, after controlling for age, gender, physical activity, and daily macronutrient intake, higher fruit consumption was associated with a lower BMI both at the baseline and the end of the study.

Although overall fruit consumption did not increase, those participants, who did increase fruit consumption, lost more weight. Indeed, difference scores in fruit consumption (which varied from −1.50 to +2.86 servings per day) turned out to be the only significant predictor of weight loss among the nutrition variables, with an incremental contribution of 5.0% to 5.1% of the variance explained in weight loss and BMI change scores.

No such relationship was seen with changes in vegetable intake. Thus, increases in vegetable intake explained only 4% incremental variance in weight loss during the first 3 mo of the trial and explained none of the variance in weight loss over the entire 6-mo period.

The results not only suggest that fruit and vegetables may well have different effects on weight control, but also that eating more fruit by no means reduces the likelihood of weight loss.

Obviously, simply adding fruit to your diet is very unlikely to produce weight loss. Moreover, the study does not tell us if all fruit are equal or if different fruit vary in their ability to promote or sustain weight loss.

Certainly there appears nothing about fruit that warrants either damning them for hampering weight loss nor promoting them as “super foods” for achieving a healthy weight (whatever that may be).


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Weight Loss....

2007-05-04 08:13:22 by tygrr94

Note: i'm posting this here because it's a combination of fitness/weight loss which i thought fit better in health, so...
I've been on a diet since mid-February. So that would make it 3 months now. I eat around 1500 calories a day (I've messed up about 3 days out of the whole 3 months). I admit that I have indulged sometimes (ate apple crisp for dessert one day, and a piece of homemade key lime pie yesterday) and one day I had pizza, and one PMS day I pigged out on cheese & crackers and diet coke. But my diet is pretty balanced...I eat whole grains in moderation, lots of fruit/veggies (mostly fresh but if canned, it is only the fruit in juice or water), and only lean meats, skim milk, no refined sugars or added sugars, etc

Along the same lines of diabetic diet,

2012-01-22 02:21:32 by unclemax

Which is also a diet for weight loss.
Switch from refined carbs to unrefined:
Refined carbs = sugar, flour, milled corn, white rice. Avoid sugar-added products, and severely restrict flour products which are things like bread, pasta, crackers, bagels, etc., and bakery products.
Instead, eat these kind of carbs: veggies, fruits, WHOLE unground grains, beans, seeds, nuts. Avoid fruit juice. Eat fruit and root veggies only with a meal.
Soak beans overnight, then discard water and rinse well before cooking. This takes the gas-causing properties out of the beans

The secret to weight loss.....

2008-03-20 21:08:40 by --

First let me say this diets don't work What does work is a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained for life. The reasons diets don't work is because once you reach your goal you go back to the same old eating habits that caused you to gain the weight in the first place. Many many people literally diet their way to obesity because of yoyo dieting (i.e. lose 20 gain 25, lose the 25 gain 30 etc.) The only way to be successful in both losing and maintaining that weight is to educate yourself nutritionally.
There is no magic pill that is going to work, if you read the small print all of the diet aids say "when used with diet and exercise", so don't waste your money on them

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