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Chances are that, at some point in time, you may have known somebody who tried a soup diet. Whether it was the cabbage soup diet, the vegetable soup diet that is prescribed to patients with heart problems through hospitals, or the Campbell's soup diet, most people have given some thought to doing some type of soup diet at some point. One of the main reasons that you might have not tried going on a soup diet is because you were probably unsure as to whether or not they actually work.

Will a Soup Diet Work?

There is often debate about whether or not a soup diet will work because it is a "fad" diet. The truth in the matter is that you will be able to lose weight on this diet. It is one of the best ways to cut down the amount of calories which you are consuming in a day, mostly because majority of soups mainly contain healthy vegetables. Most people tend to find that, depending on the amount of calories that they consume in an ordinary day, they can lose up to five pounds in a week with ease. This is much more weight than you will lose with most diets.

Will a Soup Diet Work in the Long Run?

If you are going to be dieting, one of the main things that you are probably interested in is making sure that you keep the weight off after you have lost it. This brings us to the biggest question- does the soup diet allow you to keep your weight off in the long run? Well, the answer to this is debatable. If you were to continue the soup diet your entire life, then yes, you would be able to keep the weight off. However, one of the main problems is the fact that since there is nothing in most soups except for vegetables and maybe lean meat, your body will burn the calories that it takes in very fast and you will often be hungry later on. If you cannot fight the hunger, chances are that you will end up going off the soup diet. As soon as you go off it, you will probably find that you will gain weight.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Weight Gain Post-Soup Diet?

Many people find soup as a wonderful detox for their bodies. After they have followed it for a few weeks and "flushed out" some of the fat that they may have, they look at it as a way to start new. Rather than going back to your old ways of eating junk food all the time, you can prevent yourself from gaining all of the weight that you originally had by eating healthy fruits and vegetables instead.


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I am looking for a good balanced vegetarian diet

2006-04-26 16:15:38 by iliveforfood

I want to plan my lunch and dinner for the week. I am vegetarian, but eat eggs too. My breakfast is normally cereal or two slices of wheat bread.
Monday Lunch - Rice(1 cup),spinach with black eyed beans
MOnday Dinner - Whole wheat tortilla and vegetable
Tue lunch - Rice, Brocolli,garbanzo beans
Dinner - Vegetable Soup,Whole wheat pasta
Wed Lunch - Rice and lentils
Dinner - Boiled Vermicilli sauted with vegetables
Thur - Whole Wheat tortilla stuffed with veggies and beans
Dinner - Soup and salad
Friday Lunch - rice and curry
Dinner - Sandwich

Cabbage Soup Diet

2006-05-03 22:10:06 by AmIDoingThisRight?

Anybody with any experience with this diet? Ive been doing it for three days - I have unlimited amounts of the vegetable soup during the day, I eat a regular dinner, but restricted portions. Seems like I should be famished by dinner time, but Im not hungry at all. I havent lost any weight either.
Please no judgement - I need to lose weight FAST or relapse into depression with body image issues.

If you do the Cabbage Soup Diet,

2009-08-06 08:49:16 by A-muse-d

And follow it to the letter, it does work. Word of caution, it is very strict and can be hard to stick to. Also, as soon as you go off the diet, guess what? You begin gaining weight again.
To lose weight sustainably, you may want to incorporate the Cabbage Soup vegetable ingredients into your regular diet.
Here are a couple of fun variations, because soppy, soupy veggies get very boring, very fast...
Marinara sauce;
Use all Cabbage soup ingredients but sub red cabbage, red bells, & red onions for their green counterparts

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10 lbs in 1 week Cabbage Soup Diet …
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