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Raw Diet Recipes: Garden Vegetable Soup

Raw Diet Recipes: Garden Vegetable SoupSince I haven’t gotten around to making any raw soups yet, I thought I’d go in search of a video recipe, and I found a good one. Garden Vegetable Soup, by Jennifer Cornbleet. It looks and sounds delicious. I actually have enough of the ingredients to try one myself tomorrow. They are not so different than a green smoothie, except in the seasonings. Jennifer talks about the 6 basic components of a raw soup in the video, I love the way she breaks it down so simply, it gives me a much better foundation to work from when I create my own. I’m really good at creating delicious cooked soups, but raw soups seemed a bit daunting. Not any more

So here’s a rough transcript of the video, which is further down the page:

Garden Vegetable Soups are a great way to get more greens and vegetables in your diet. Lots of great soup recipes in her book, Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People .

There’s 6 basic components that go into any great tasting blended raw vegetable soup

  1. Some kind of watery vegetables and/or greens. For example tomato, zucchini, celery, spinach, red bell pepper, Romaine lettuce, chard, kale. Try not to mix together too much red and green or the color won’t be so great. One tomato in an otherwise green soup will be fine, but try to keep it either mostly red or green.
  2. Water to thin out the soup a little bit.
  3. Some kind of citrus juice, lemon, lime or orange to perk up the flavor.
  4. Salty seasoning. Natural sea salt or miso (fermented soybean paste) gives it a nice deep flavor similar to what you would get from vegetable stock or bouillon.
  5. Pungent seasonings such as fresh herbs and spices, garlic, onion, a bit of curry powder.
  6. Some kind of fat to make the soup creamy. You can use avocado, olive oil or soaked nuts and seeds.


Use a blender to get a nice creamy consistency.

Coarsely chop zucchini (no need to peel it because you get a lot of nutrients in the peel), chop celery. Cut a tomato roughly, no need to remove the seeds since it’s a blended soup. Add some spinach, Swiss chard or kale. Add basil (pungent herb), use quite a bit so it’s both a pungent flavor and another green. Add some water (looks like about 2 cups).

Seasonings: lemon juice, natural sea salt and miso (mellow white miso) – about a tablespoon. Pungent seasonings: crushed garlic, green onions, a little bit of cayenne pepper.

Blend all the ingredients and add the fat (avocado) afterward. Blend until the soup has liquefied.

Cut avocado in half, twist to separate. Scoop half the avocado right into the blender. You can remove the avocado stone by pressing your knife into it just a bit and twisting the avocado while holding the blade of the knife still.


Harper Perennial Everyday Cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish: 150 Easy, Low-Fat, High-Flavor Recipes
Book (Harper Perennial)

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Anyone have any good healthy soup recipes?

2011-02-13 12:18:35 by HealthySoupRecipes

I'm looking for new healthy soup recipes! Whats your favourites?
My mum taught me a pretty awesome chicken chowder which is low in calories (semi-skimmed milk instead of cream, chicken, sweetcorn, etc). It's always good on cold days.
Other than that I've been eating the usual homemade vegetable soups with anything I have lying around.
Does anyone have any interesting soup recipes (that fit in with a healthy diet/lifestyle?)
No boring cabbage soups please!

Special K Diet = Starvation

2011-02-13 09:54:53 by MrWonton

Unfortunately Special K isn't a magic weight loss tool. The diet works by causing a calorie deficit - 2 bowls of Special K probably has less calories than your normal breakfast and lunch.
Using this principle, you may as well eat something low in calories that is tastier and healthier than Special K! I usually make vegetable soups in bulk, freeze them, and then reheat when I need them. This page explains it well:
Also, eating 2 very small meals, and one large meal (like the Special K diet suggest) is very bad for your metabolism

Lost 12 lbs in 7 days-reposting the diet here

2004-12-08 10:26:49 by cad

Wow- just weighed in- i lost 12 lbs 7 12/08 10:23:05
this diet is so hot. im going on vacation but back on diet after new years. BTW- i dont eat like a pig regularly so im not worried about putting it back on. i also work out . i think ive been retaining water since i started working out, and the diet helped get rid of it. i feel so much better. i went from 164 to 152 exactly. thank GOD. ive been busting my ass...nice to see the scale agree with me. i should be around 125 so ive got a ways to go. the diets like this:
you make a big pot of vegetable soup
there are tons of recipes) that vary slightly

Soups can be very economical and healthy

2009-01-13 11:45:20 by -

I think that's where I started learning to cook. You can use the website epicurious to find recipes with reviews for a large variety of soups. Some easy ones are:
black bean
potato leek
chicken soup
My bf and I eat LOTS of vegetables. We eat meat maybe once a week and the rest of our meals are just really simple things like roasted squash, baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli with lemon sauce, sauteed kale with garlic.
stir fry can be a good way to incorporate veggies into your diet

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