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The BEST Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Wonder Soup 7 Day Diet

wonder soup recipe weight loss soup recipe cabbage soup dietI’m going to Disneyland next week and decided that I didn’t want to take my muffin top with me,especially since I have this cute form fitting top that I want to wear so bad WITHOUT SPANKS!! When I need to lose my gut or 10 pounds quickly I turn to 3 diets that never lets me down; my smoothie diet,The 17 Day Diet (review coming soon) and my newest love,the 7-day diet!!

I know some people HATE these kinda diets but I love them! They work well for me and the weight stays off as long as you eat a healthy,balance diet afterwards. I never do though since I mainly use these diets for quick weight loss for an event,the week before Thanksgiving,or to jumpstart my spring dieting before swimsuit season.

OK so let’s talk about the 7-day diet!! It’s an old diet that has been around for YEARS and revised over and over again. You are likely to find several different version online. Lately these 7-day diets have become really popular. Even Dr. Oz has one. I first read about it on Justin and Ashley’s blog (she answers a lot of questions about this diet so if you have them,check out her FAQS section) I think this diet is a great cleanse because I always feel so refreshed and clean inside and out afterwards.

On the 7-day diet you follow a certain eating plan everyday. Along with eating these specific foods you are allowed to have cabbage soup aka wonder soup aka weight loss soup aka miracle soup aka weight watcher soup whenever you’d like. This is what drew me to the 7-day diet because I love that I can eat this soup in unlimited quantities. I HATE being hungry and I will not stick to any kind of diet if I’m hungry. Point. Blank. Period. Don’t forget you MUST drink 8 glasses of water each day. My results vary if I slack on water,but 8-10 pounds is what I usually lose.

Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup (Wonder Soup),the website ( says you should boil the vegetables in water,uh…no ma’am!! I’ve always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes and it has never hindered my weight loss.There is NO WAY I would be eating this soup everyday if I made it according to the recipe on the site. Yuck! Throughout the diet I also use salt,pepper,lots of herbs & seasonings,olive oil,and a tad of butter. I also add 0-5 calorie flavorings to my water to make sure I get in all my water. These changes have never affected my results.

So here is a brief overview of the diet plan. Get more details on

Day 1- Eat nothing but fruit today (except for bananas) and as much of the diet cabbage soup as you’d like. I like to eat baked cinnamon apples in the morning,a large fruit salad and cabbage soup for lunch,and cabbage soup and a melon salad for dinner. I snack on fruit throughout the day,usually frozen berries,grapes and watermelon.

Day 2- Eat nothing but vegetables (except corn or other starchy veggies). However,you do get to start the day with a baked potato. You will LOVE having this baked potato trust me! I never thought I’d be so happy to eat a baked potato in the morning! I put a tad bit of salt and butter (I cheat) on the potato along with some broccoli and tomatoes. For lunch I do the cabbage soup and salad sprinkle with salt,pepper and olive oil. This is actually pretty good. For dinner I do mashed cauliflower topped with a stir fry.


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I have about a dozen MS recipes. This is

2007-02-12 15:42:40 by stevieBcanyon

One of the best/easiest.
D Real Mushroom Soup
Book: Steve' diabetic recipe book
Chapter: SOUP
A half-pound of fresh portobello, shiitake or other specialty mushrooms intensifies the woodsy flavor of this soup. Even if you use only button mushrooms, this soup is well worth making. Very heavy mushroom content. Suggest small portions if you have a delicate stomach. Add a cup of prepared mashed potatoes or a roux of tapioca starch or flour at the end if you prefer a cream soup. You will have to adjust the carb numbers.
Serves: 6
2 pounds fresh button mushrooms
8 ounces fresh chanterelle, shiitake, oyster, hedgehog or wild

Here is alot of ideas & sources for you

2010-01-28 01:45:17 by 1_l

meat=wheat meat "seitan"
cheese = greek yogurt cheese no soy got at whole foods
bread=corn tortillas,eziekiel sprouted biblical bread or tortillas . look at other grains amarath etc type crackers or just eat brown rice,brown basmati rice,wild rice etc get vegetable steamer put vegetables on bed of rice. nothing beats a good hearty homemade vegetable soup. try making some & cut up some corn tortillas & put them in too. they make a non vinegar saurkraut i eat it all the time.all the markets have it bubbies brand from canada.
for you sounds like raw foods would be best way to go

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