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What is the Juice Diet and is it Effective for Weight Loss?
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How does the juice diet work?

Juice diets involve consuming only juice and no solid foods for varying amounts of time from a few days to months in extreme cases. Basically it involves throwing a heap of vegetables and fruit in the blender or juicer at every meal and consuming only this. Commercially produced juices are not allowed as only fresh unpasteurized juices are considered appropriate for the diet.

The idea behind the diet is that drinking only juice will ‘detox’ the body and get rid of harmful toxins that have built up in our body and are stored in fat. It is also advertised as a get thin quick very low calorie diet, which people presume is healthy as it is based on fruit and vegetables.

A lot of people also remove the pulp from juices, thus removing all the fibre and leaving a drink that is little more than water, sugar and some nutrients.

There are also more extreme claims such as that a juice diet can cure cancer.

Will it cause weight loss?

A juice diet is very low in calories and as such may cause weight loss fairly quickly initially. However, this reduction is likely to be mainly contributed to water loss. If followed in the long term, weight loss will probably result, however, due to the low energy content of the diet; this may well be muscle loss as the body simply does not have enough energy or protein to build muscle.

Reduced muscle mass has the effect of slowing down your metabolism, as does reducing your calorie intake to a very low level.

Your body is then more likely to store energy rather than burn it as it perceives itself to be in a state of fasting, meaning that when you start to eat normal food again it is likely that you will regain all the weight lost and possibly a bit extra quite quickly.

This type of diet has a similar effect to yo-yo dieting when weight is lost, and then regained rapidly as soon as the diet is finished.

Is there any evidence?

There are no scientific studies investigating the effects of juice diets on weight loss and general health. Many followers of juice diets report great weight loss and ‘feeling healthier’, however it is likely that large amounts of initial weight loss are due to water loss.

There is no evidence suggesting that detox diets of this type are necessary for the body, which is well equipped with its own systems, the liver, kidney and digestive system, for eliminating harmful substances from the body.

The American cancer council has stated that there is no evidence to support the use of fasting diets to treat cancer. In fact the lack of protein is likely to be detrimental to those undergoing cancer treatments that often require increased energy and protein diets to maintain their body weight and fight the illness.

The one benefit that may come from a juice diet is an increase in fruit and vegetable intake, providing valuable vitamins and minerals that may not be consumed on a daily basis.

Is it safe?

A one day detox or even one that continues a few days will probably not be harmful for the majority of healthy people. However, there are still likely to be some undesirable side effects such as lack of energy, headaches, hunger and frequent bathroom trips.


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Vegetable juicing

2006-04-05 12:11:10 by wanttolearnaboutit

I like my veggies very well, but I'm thinking about adding more to my already pretty good diet by juicing veggies.
I know there's an entire juicing culture out there. Does anyone know good resources for making juicing a part of a healthy well rounded diet (as opposed to yet another fetishized approach to food).

Juicing can lead to good health

2002-12-26 14:54:30 by rawyogi

As you consume freshly made juices from organic fruits and vegetables, and displace other drinks like milk, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and store bought juices, your health will improve. As you start to feel better, you may find yourself looking at other parts of your diet and replacing the less healthy foods with healthier options, like fresh fruits and vegetables. As you make healthier diet choices, your weight will fall.
I have an centrifugal ejection juicer (the same technology as the Juiceman II), and I love to juice fuji apples. It is a shame that there is a lot of pulp waste when juicing

Juicing 2 meals

2012-11-28 11:15:39 by DOUBLEGIRL

I will occasionally supplement my juicing diet with a bean salad, soymilk smoothie or a tofu stir fry so I won't lack proteins in my diet. My goal is to include all the necessary vegetable so I will not miss out on any essential nutrients.
So far juicing tastes nasty but I am "eating to live" and working on adjusting to the taste. whew!


2008-02-20 08:59:25 by valleyrootsfoods

I bought a Waring Pro juicer about a year ago. I've must say, Juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetable has got to be of the healthiest and best way to keep a healthy diet. In terms of what you would like to juice, I've found that sweet potato juice is fantastic. Cucumber's go well with Gin, (if you drink) Yukon Gold potato juice is an effective way to get potato starch. there are infinite possibilities for juicing, go to your local Stop and Shop and and check out their discount produce rack. (ask an associate, they'll direct you) Anything cheap is fun to play with. If you have any other questions, feel free

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