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My Juice Fast Results

18 March 2012 7, 970 views 2 Comments

Lots of folks have been asking me questions about the juice fast I did a few weeks ago. Here are the most FAQs:

Q: Did you go the full ten days?

A: I drank only juice for nine days and decided I’d had enough. My first non-juice meal was a glass of red wine and veggie sushi with some friends. I tried to be careful about what I ate for the first 24-hours just in case my stomach was more sensitive than usual, but didn’t have any issues.

Q: Did you lose weight? Did you keep it off?

A: I lost 7 pounds in the 9 days and gained three back almost immediately. I haven’t weighed myself recently, but wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve gained it all back because I haven’t been eating very healthy since I stopped juicing.

Q: What kind of juice did you drink?

A: I most frequently drank the Love Cleanse which is made with cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley and celery. Here is a picture I snapped of all the vegetables that goes into the large size. I drank 5-6 large juices each day.

Large Love Cleanse Ingredients

Q: How much would this kind of program cost?

A: I was lucky enough to do a complimentary juice program through the Juicebox and the amount I drank would cost between $40-$50 a day if purchased there or at Juice Land. A good juicer will run you around $150, with the cost of fruit and vegetables costing $20-$40 a day if you buy them at the grocery store.

Q: Why should I juice?

A: Juicing, like any decision you make about your diet and health, is a personal decision. I do recommend anyone interested in juicing watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, an inspirational documentary about juicing (slash infomercial for a particular brand of juicer). Many people go on a juice cleanse every few months, or once a year, and many say they do it to jump-start healthier eating, lose weight, and refocus.

Q: What didn’t I like?

A: The second and third days were really hard. I was hungry, miserable, and couldn’t imagine lasting the full ten days. I felt really good days four, five, and six, then days seven through nine were more difficult; my mouth felt fuzzy and my taste buds were numb. Every juice, even the ones with all vegetables, started tasting too sweet to me. By the last third of the juice fast, I was really sick of the juices, but I wasn’t really craving any other foods — except maybe a crunchy salad and a bowl of warm chicken broth.

Q: What did I like about the juice cleanse?

What I loved about it was knowing that I was putting so many wonderful vitamins and minerals in my body, and giving my body a chance to rest. The cleanse also made me realize that humans are supposed to go through times of hunger and times of eating to excess, and that it’s not necessarily natural to eat every two hours, and never really feel hungry.

My cleansing parter-in-crime was David Ansel, of The Soup Peddler. He wrote a great blog post about our experience juicing.

Many folks are probably thinking about doing a juice cleanse now that SXSW/Spring Break is over, and summer is around the corner. For those folks, there is a challenge called CleanseATX that starts this Monday, March 20 and goes through Saturday, March 31. I’m not sure that anyone needs to buy the “Cleanse Kits” or other services offered on the website, but it looks like there are discounts on juice packages from some local businesses that you can take advantage of if you’re interested in participating.


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Situation not that bad...suggestions for you

2009-06-14 20:26:20 by 54321cba

My best suggestion would be to look online (Yelp and Kudzu are good places to start), for reviews posted for estheticians and facialists in your area. You can look in medical spas and regular spas. There are many good ones, you could get a consultation in person, and they'll recommend a treatment. You should see an improvement following the procedure. More long term, a really healthy diet with fresh vegetable/fruit juice (freshly made, especially with cabbage) definitely shows results on the skin. My wife swears by this!
After the facial/treatment, ask the esthetician what skin care he/she would recommend to maintain the results

Abs are made in the kitchen.

2010-09-30 17:19:12 by erikcreature

Go on a low carb diet, and you will both cut the body fat that you have, and cease packing on more fat. Stop drinking sodas, even diet sodas. No sugars, grains or starches. No fruit juice or carrot juice all sugar. Low carb! Eat green leafy veggies only, no other carbs. Up your protein and animal fat intake, meat, fish, eggs , turkey whey powder, butter. Stay away from vegetable oils. Get some dumbbells, start light and you'll see results in a few months time. Stay away from cardio.

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