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Here’s What a Juice Cleanse Diet REALLY Does to You (It Isn’t Pretty!)

by Ericka Sóuter May 14 at 2:55 PM

juice cleans I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. "Try" being the operative word. I exercise. I eat right ... well, most of the time. I just can't seem to resist pizza day at work or the occasional burger from Shake Shack (arguably the best burger joint in New York City). Problem is, all those indulgences have left me feeling run down, bloated, and have wreaked havoc on my high blood pressure (a lingering vestige of preeclampsia during pregnancy).

So what's a busy mom to do? Oh, I know, deny myself any and all food. But not in the model-munching-on-tissue-paper-to-stay-skinny-for-the-catwalk kind of way (yes, they do that!). I opted for a juice cleanse. I wanted to detox. Rid my system of all those impurities and preservatives caked in every delicious morsel of yummy treats like microwave popcorn (my daily 4 p.m. snack). So I signed up for a four-day fast from American Yogini, which provided me six juices per day. Here is my detox diet survival story.

Thursday, May 9

8:45 a.m.: Crack open first juice. A delicious concoction with beets, celery, apple, lime, ginger. I am giddily excited as I drop my son off at pre-school. Just think, in four days, I will be a totally new, healthier person! Wait, is that Starbucks I smell.

10:45: Still nursing juice, already thinking about food. Obsessively thinking about food. Getting more agitated with every sip.

11:30: I'm already planning to cheat. Go to American Yogini website and look for "Cheat Foods" section. Yes!!! I can have lettuce, tomatoes, and half an avocado.

1:30 p.m.: After wolfing down said salad, I try not to feel guilty for barely lasting four hours. It's the first day after all.

3:30: Ugh. Caffeine withdrawal headache. Super tired as I sit through meeting. Feel like taking a nap under the table. Maybe no one will notice. Hunger is making time go SO SLOW!

4:00: Going head to head with pregnant coworker for most bathroom trips in a day!

7:00: Get home and can't wait to indulge in another cheat food -- quinoa. A quarter cup tastes better than filet mignon at this point. Has it really only been one day 12 hours on this fast? It's official -- I would never survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

11:30: Nurse one last juice and brush teeth, swallow toothpaste on purpose, and boy, Crest never tasted so good.

Friday, May 10

8:00 a.m.: No work today, which is a good thing since I can barely get out of bed. SOOOOO tired but MUST. DO. SCHOOL. DROP-OFF.

9:00: Feel wine-sleepy, like I've been downing chardonnay. Get back into bed.

11:30: Nanny says she's glad it's the weekend because she didn’t want be around when I turned into a crazed, cranky, hungry woman ... Too late.

12:00 p.m.: Co-chairing my son's school auction that night, so must leave to prep venue. I won't be back home until late so I pack my juices and a little quinoa along with a change of clothes for the event.


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Proper diet and "juicing" will help rid OCD.

2012-09-29 20:56:59 by jes327

If I were you I'd try "juicing" to help rid the OCD. They say you are what you eat. I'd buy an inexpensive, but decent juicer that has a wide feeder opening like some made by Hamilton Beach. Some people have CURED their OCD by juicing and changes in their diet!
If you do decide to give juicing a go make sure your veggies are nice and cold out of the refrigerator before juicing them. The miracle blend I use consists of 6 or 7 organic carrots, 2 small red apples that fit right in the feeder opening and 1 small piece of fresh ginger root. This makes about 1 tall cup of liquid miracle to drink

I am doing a juicing/paleo diet

2013-03-19 12:13:20 by -

I juice greens and veg and fruit 1-2 times a day.
The only foods I am eating are meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, seeds, fruits and vetetables and eggs.
No dairy, no grains of any kind, no sugar (except in fruit) no processed foods, no beans, legumes, or potatoes.
I am just jogging/walking and doing sit-ups, push ups, etc...
I plan to work in more exercise now.
I've lost close to 20 since 2/1/13 and I want to lose about 20 more

Buy cheap fruit.

2013-01-28 20:48:24 by radrcer

It is expensive to juice different fruits daily. Carrots are the cheapest and taste good, so stick with carrots, apples, thumbs size piece of ginger if you do daily. If you juice once a week then try every recipe you can. And by the will ingest losts of vitamins juicing, but you won't lose weight unless your previous diet was fastfood for every meal. If you want to lose weight follow this advice: stay below 20g of carbs daily for 3 weeks. Then add 10g carbs per week until your "new" diet 60-80g carbs a day.


2009-01-19 19:10:50 by fabonagestudios

Is it spelt feasting? meaning fasting?
I want to fall into a all fruit/ veggie diet, but I was thinking one day a week to eat nothing at all, except drinking lots of water.
Does juicing get rid of any of the fiber and nurients that are discarded with the pulp?
Thanks for sharing

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