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Juice diet: Flaky skin, thin hair and rotten teeth. The latest dieting fad has some pretty ugly side-effects

Failing the taste test: Celebs like Jennifer Aniston,left,favour juice diets but Janice Dickinson looks unimpressed by her green smoothieBy

PUBLISHED: 15:57 EST,4 July 2012 | UPDATED: 16:28 EST,4 July 2012

Last month’s news that Jennifer Aniston has become a veg juice devotee,regularly slugging back a concoction of cucumbers,beetroot,spinach,kale,garlic,ginger,carrots and celery,will only fuel the juicing fad.

Because look around any high-end gym or yoga studio these days and you’ll see women swigging something that looks like it’s been scooped from a pond. This is the juice cleanse,or the juice detox — don’t ever refer to it as a diet,that would sound like you’re doing it to lose weight,whereas,of course,this is all about purifying your body.

Popular among A-listers including Salma Hayek,Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker,juice detoxes have gone mainstream,with legions of women pulping Tesco’s entire fruit and veg aisle themselves,or paying up to 40 a day — yes,really — to have supplies delivered to their door.

Failing the taste test: Celebs like Jennifer Aniston,left,favour juice detoxes but Janice Dickinson looks unimpressed by her green smoothie

It sounds terribly good for you — just masses of fruit and vegetables all juiced together,filling you full of vitamins,minerals and anti-oxidants. But while if you’re doing it Aniston-style and eating normally for most of the week,it probably won’t do you any serious harm,the truth is that a juice regime that lasts several weeks — or even just several days — could actually be wreaking all sorts of havoc on your health.

To start with it’s unnecessary. Your body doesn’t need to detox,your digestive system doesn’t need to rest,and if you’re seriously worried about your diet and your health,you need to make long-term changes.

‘Juice fasts are simply not sustainable, ’ says Natalie Jones,a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. ‘So if you’re doing it for health reasons,there’s simply no point. Any weight you lose,you’ll put straight back on again,possibly with extra because short-term,low-calorie crash diets like this mess around with your metabolism.’

You’ll undoubtedly feel hungry as you’re not consuming any of the fibre that helps fill you up,and don’t even think about exercising.

'Have a juice as one of your five-a-day but any more than that won't give you extra benefits,and could do more harm than good'

‘You might be getting a quick sugar rush, ’ says Natalie,‘but you’re not consuming any carbohydrates,so exercising,or even normal daily life is going to be almost impossible. You’ll feel light-headed and exhausted.’

Stomach aches are also a common side-effect of the juice fast.

Unbalanced diet: Just drinking juice means you will miss out on vital vitamins and minerals (posed by model)


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I agree fruit juices are really sweet

2003-02-21 09:01:10 by vg

I do not like them in my booze! It dilutes them too much. I do like fruit and juices, so don't get me wrong, just interested in your aversion. BTW mango, which I love, does indeed have a strange texture and a real perfumy flavor.
I too jumped on the diet soda bandwagon, now I like them better than regular soda. Esp. diet cream soda, yum! I cannot keep them at home though, not having diet soda around forces me to drink water with lemon all day (after my coffee of course). It's good! Oh but there you go! I am watering down the already watered down flavor of the fruit! :) (teasing, I hope you know!)
Never tried carrot/orange juice, reminds me of orange jello with grated carrots my mom made when I was a kid, always grossed me out

I add it to fruit juice

2009-10-04 12:44:52 by drinkit2

For several years I've been adding a tablespoon or so (a splash) of organic apple cider to about 4 oz. of fruit juice in the morning, with breakfast. Makes it taste sort of like sparkling wine... not bad at all. Have a friend who drinks it in a cup of hot water, like tea, also in a.m. Does it make the body slightly acidic? I notice a difference in energy level when I watch diet, drink lots and lots of water every day, avoid gluten, eat lots of veggies and fruits and not too much meat, AND drink the apple cider and juice mixture every day. OK, I'm 72 and still pretty active... is it the cider? Don't know

Mom has to change her diet...radically

2013-07-18 14:14:13 by tarragon_man

The good part of a diabetic's diet is that it is healthy, does not stimulate appetite and is a natural for weight loss.
Bread and all other crap made with flour or sugar is a thing of the past. This will save calories, protect her from runaway glucose levels and drastically cut the induced appetite that flour and sugar cause.
What will she eat? GOMBS; greens-onions-mushrooms-beans-berries and seeds; meat and fish in condiment size portions, to complement the large salads and soups that she makes from those GOMBS.
Forget about fruit juices, honey, molasses, soda, candy and almost anything that comes in a box or can

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