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Review of “The Vegetarian Myth” - The Blood Type Diet: Is The Proof Really In The

Lierre Keith suffers from numerous chronic health problems. Unable to secure a diagnosis for most of them, she decided that the vegan diet she had followed for twenty years was to blame. But she wasn’t content to add a few animal products back to her diet. Instead, she set out to prove that healthy diets require copious amounts of animal foods and that small-scale animal farming is the answer to sustainability. To prove it, she has cobbled together information from websites (yes, she actually cites Wikipedia!) and a few popular pseudoscientific books.

It’s next to impossible to review this book; it is so packed with misinformation and confusion that refuting the claims could be another book itself. This is a long post, and it doesn't begin to address all of the problems in The Vegetarian Myth.

I read the section on nutrition first. Since it’s my area of expertise, I figured it would give me some idea of the quality of her research and analysis. But quality isn’t at issue here because there is no research or analysis. Keith doesn’t bother with primary sources; she depends almost exclusively on the opinions of her favorite popular authors, which she presents as proof of her theories. For example, when she writes about evolution as it affects dietary needs, and suggests that “the archeological evidence is incontrovertible, ” she is actually referencing the book Protein Power, written by two physicians who have no expertise in evolution or anthropology. It’s a neat trick, of course, because we have no idea where the Protein Power authors got their information. By burying all of the actual studies this way, she makes it laborious for readers to check her facts.

I doubt she did this on purpose. And I don’t think she was being sloppy or lazy, either. She just doesn’t understand how complex the research is and she certainly doesn’t know much about basic nutrition. Worse, her conclusions are indebted to the Weston A Price Foundation, a non-credible group that bases its recommendations on the opinions of a dentist who wrote up his observations of indigenous populations in the 1930s.

Keith makes a big point about the fact that humans now eat foods—grains—that our Paleolithic ancestors rarely ate. But she never discusses the fact that dairy, a food she heartily endorses, falls into the same category. In fact, while grains could be gathered, ground and consumed by our ancestors, dairy is 100% dependent on agriculture. The fact that normal human development—throughout most of the world, at least—results in a decreased ability to digest dairy foods, should provide a major clue that humans did not evolve to consume them. None of this gets even a mention in the book.


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There are plenty of vegetarian diet plans

2010-06-05 11:21:59 by greytoday

That are well-thought out and healthy and provide you with more than enough protein from vegan sources. I know people are pushing meat, but it's not necessary unless you want to add it to your diet.
Here's a list of some diet plans that have worked well for vegetarians I know. They all follow different styles, but they are well-planned for vegetarians and provide enough protein, iron, B12:
-Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman
-The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss by John McDougall
-Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier

Vegetarian times, our vegetarian forum!

2008-12-18 16:39:52 by awholenothercat

It has a ton of great recipes, all vegetarian and including some vegan.
Some more food features:
5-ingredient meals
30-minute meals
5 recipes w/ the same ingredient
how to cook w/ certain herbs or certain meat substitutes
ethnic meals
holiday meals
Articles and columns on health, animal rights, what's "really" vegetarian, veg travel and where to eat, trends like macrobiotic diet
They're working on it, but there aren't pictures for many foods, and their "product reviews" read like ads

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