Vegetarian Diet Meal Ideas

Vegetarian Meal Ideas
Dinners Are Served: 10 Vegetarian Meals for Less than $50 | The
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Mixed diet household ideas?

2008-08-14 10:50:36 by weekly-chef

Ok. I try and plan my meals weekly, and shop from that list to cut down on my grocery costs. It works, but I am running out of ideas!
This week's plan is:
Meat ball subs with caesar salad
Soft Tacos
Garlic pasta with broccoli and chicken (added separately)
Grilled snapper with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies
Vegetarian lasagne
and, as I allow one less than balanced meal a month, soy "chicken" buffalo chicken tenders, cheese fries, and garden salad.
Last day is always clean out the refrigerator day/leftovers

Vegetarian ideas

2009-03-06 00:19:58 by M81meg81

A few quick vegetarian meal ideas for you:
Eggs are always a good choice. I like Eggs Florentine: 2 Harbboiled Eggs, Spinach, A Half English Muffin, and Hollandaise Sauce from the packet, made without butter.
Hard boiled Eggs keep for a while, so you can cook them in advance, and put them in your lunch as you need to for the week. Have one over your salad. It will make you feel fuller b/c it has protein.
Or any sort of Egg Bake with lots of veggies.
I'm not sure how vegetarian you are. I know alot of vgetarians who eat fish


2011-11-10 22:25:36 by treehuggervegan

Just my opinion...but, if your looking for quick meal ideas because you don't like to cook or prepare meals, Gardein is a brand of fresh & frozen "vegan" meals... many you will find will taste & have the same texture of meat products...the owner of this company use to own Yves, but since the sale to a multinational company, the products are going from vegan to vegetarian as eggs & dairy seems to be creeping into the Yves new product for taste, Gardein is the way to is based in BC, Canada & is moving steadily into the US market...there is nothing like homemade vegan meals as others have told you, but for those with little time, & the desire to move to veganism, this will help the adjustment

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