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Keeping a food diary for a while may be a big help.

  • Replace your coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, and even fruit juice with water, 8 glasses of it. Save the other things for treats, once in a while. Your body will be able to use the nutrients saved from processing these things to repair itself instead.
  • Replace sugar with fruit. Sugar has lots of calories, but no nutrients, and, in fact, uses up more than it provides, while fruit has vitamins, minerals, and fibre. You will have to read labels carefully. A surprising number of things have sugar, e.g., canned soup and ketchup. Getting rid of sugar will eliminate most junk food. Each cigarette has the same effect on the body as a teaspoon of sugar so eliminating that will certainly help free up nutrients for healing.
  • Increase the number of vegetables you eat. If you can't handle raw ones, cook them. If you haven't liked many vegetables, experiment with tasty ways of preparing them. A spicy dip with raw veggies, a filling soup with vegetables, a stir-fry, a stew, veggies wrapped in a a pita or other flatbread are all ways to squeeze in more veggies. Vegetables have vitamins, minerals, and fibre,
    colour, taste, and smell. Yes, I know they take work, but looking after our bodies takes time and is important.
  • Eat foods that look like what they are: fruit, vegetables, grains, and meats. Anything that doesn't , has been overly processed and so has lost a lot of its nutritional value. It may fill you up, but it won't give your body what it needs. Processed foods tend to have a lot of additives to preserve them or replace the flavour lost in processing. Further, they are usually loaded with trans-fats (not edible.) Increase intake of beneficial oils and fats, e.g., certain fish, flax oil, olive oil, etc.
  • Eat foods that agree with you. If you have gas, upset stomach, tiredness after eating, rashes, upset bowels, racing pulse, or aches and pains, it may be what you are eating. If you eat simpler meals with, say five foods, it is easier to tell what is the problem. Keeping track in a food diary might help, or even setting up a food rotation for a while.
  • If you are experiencing pain and biomechanical factors have been ruled out, you may want to investigate allergies, environmental factors, or specialized diets, such as the blood type diet (Dr. P. D'Adamo) or gluten-, dairy- or nightshade-free diets. Just cutting out the 'Avoid' foods given for your blood type in D'Adamo's books may be enough.
  • You can do a challenge of a food group, e.g., corn. Eliminate it for 4 days and then eat a lot of it on the fifth day. (Many books including Doris Rapp's Is This Your Child? tell you how to do both a challenge and a rotation diet.) A rotation diet helps because you eat different families of foods each day for 4 days and then repeat the process. You can often tell which day is a problem and thus narrow down the culprit.


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2009-10-05 11:43:19 by NevermoreAt38

I loved this last week, and more this week! Thanks for starting us off Jewel!
1. I have 2 opportunities to go completely off the wagon this week, on Thursday and Saturday. Goal: don't go completely off on either day, and work extra hard on the others.
Goal 2. Focus on reducing refined carbs. Though we eat a clean food diet and almost nothing white, I'm noticing today a few too many rye crackers and wheat bread slices have made it into our regular rotation of foods. Try to reduce them.
Goal 3. Try 3 new vegetables that may look a little scary at the store

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