Vegetables eating insects

Bugs on Vegetables: Treat Bugs in Your Vegetable Garden

Find Out What You Have

When it comes to food, bugs aren't stupid. They love succulent vegetables as much as you do. To find the most effective treatment, it helps to know what's eating up your garden. Are your seedlings being eaten up at night? Maybe you have cutworms. Are your plants' leaves looking like lace? Sounds like Japanese beetles. Look around and see what's there. Finding an effective treatment is easy.

For Things That Go Munch in the Night

Everyone loves a midnight snack, especially some garden pests. Some of them aren't even bugs. Snails and slugs are mollusks. Other night owls in your garden include cutworms. You can control them with products designed for mollusks and bugs, such as Ortho Bug Geta Plus Snail, Slug & Insect Killer.

For Scales and Mealybugs

These bugs protect themselves with a coating of semi–digested sap. That makes them hard to spray. You can treat them with a systemic bug control. It's absorbed through the plant to attack the bug as it eats.


Monterey Monterey LG6135 Garden Insect Spray Contains Spinosad, 32-Ounce
Lawn & Patio (Monterey)
  • Monterey garden insect spray contains spinosad
  • The newest agricultural chemistry to be introduced into the homeowner market
  • A bacterial product produced by fermentation
  • For use on ornamentals and edible plants up to the day of harvest
  • Also controls broadleaf weeds

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Insects eating leaves of vegetables
Insects eating leaves of vegetables

Only eating organic vegetbales

2005-07-17 12:09:29 by Alenushka

And fruit will save maximum amount of animal. Conventionally gornw vegetables, graina dn fruits kill untold number of insects, fish adn animals, reduce bidervirsity and kill humans too. Worker who grow coneventional (pesticide etc) produce, ahve mcuh higer rate of cancer, misscarages and their babies ahve higer rate of birth defects

The Insect Invasion
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()
CENTRAL Garden & Pet Garden Tech Sevin Garden Bug Killer and Home Perimeter Granules, 2.5-Pound
Lawn & Patio (CENTRAL Garden & Pet)
  • Sevin garden bug killer and home perimeter granules can be used on vegetables and around the outside of the home
  • Doesn't penetrate plant tissue and is easily broken down by the environment
  • Provides an excellent control of leaf eating and sucking insects; kill insects above and below the ground
  • Comes in a convenient shaker bottle for easy use
  • Measures 4-1/7-inch length by 6-6/7-inch width by 10-1/2-inch height
MARUMAN Beast system supplements 4tabx5packs
Health and Beauty (MARUMAN)
  • ● pig testis extract, Cobra end, Viper end, scorpion end, reindeer horn powder...ween the emperors and nobility of Zhou Dynasty era of 3000 years ago in China.
Easy Gardener Easy Gardener 6030 BirdBlock 28-by-28-Foot Netting
Lawn & Patio (Easy Gardener)
  • Protects fruits and berries
  • Prevents hungry birds from eating crops
  • Won't harm birds
  • Reusable; made of tough and durable polypropylene

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