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I can't eat vegetables

I can't eat vegetables, fruits which arent liquidised, and many, many other things. Can't may seem like an exaggeration, but for me it's a real fear. I have a nasty gag reflex.
My mum said I was around 2 when I stopped eating - Back then I lived off toast and cashew nuts, and since my diet hasn't boardened alot (I more or less live off dairy products, nuts, potatoes and bread) I've seen various health professionals about this, and though they agreed my diet is very limited, it is more or less balanced, and for a teenager quite healthy, despite the lack of vegetables.
My problem is that it's so humiliating! It means I can't go out to decent restaurants without stress, and having to shyly ask if they serve fries. When I tell people I can see they think I'm idiotic, and I'm a very self-consious person as it is..
Any suggestions would be welcome

Re: I can't eat vegetables

Well if you can eat fries, those are vegetables. Try branching out, try frying other vegetables...maybe sweet potatoes, maybe carrots. Try roasting the potatoes. Try at home just small servings, maybe with a sauce you like. Try with catsup or cheese sauce. Best of luck..

Re: I can't eat vegetables

Could you drink smoothies? There is one way to get your fruits in.

You could also try drinking V8 or some form of vegetable drink.

Life goes on...

Re: I can't eat vegetables

Do you like things like pasta with sauce on top? try putting a few different vegetables in a blender, and then cooking it with the sauce, you won't notice they're in there! but you'll be getting the benefits of their nutrients. this works with all sorts of things - soups, casseroles, smoothies, home made hummus etc

I understand that it must be a problem for you, but I truly believe that eating well is all about training yourself to liking something slowly. There are things I used to hate, which I now eat quite happily, by just introducing them every so often, or finiding ways of cooking that made them taste good.

we're all human, and if we were living as cave men with scarce food then I doubt anyone would be choosy about what they eat. we are brought up in a time when there is so much choice that people can develop such aversions to foods like vegetables simply because there are other choices they can have instead. vegetables should be a key part of everyones diet from early childhood, in my opinion, and should be made a habit and a part of daily routine. food aversions are often only in the mind, and if you work at it you can train yourself to a more healthy way of eating

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Re: I can't eat vegetables


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My father has had an eating disorder all my

2008-05-21 21:52:43 by --

Life. it doesn't fit neatly into any of the official DSM IV diagnoses, but he would, and has, admitted that he has an eating disorder.
he is extremely fit, with barely any body fat, exercises (mostly swimming) frequently, including competitively (he's 69 now). is prone to binge eating, but also fasts for long periods, sometimes weeks at a time on nothing but blended fruits and vegetables. when i was little i remember him using enemas often. he lost almost every one of his teeth during his 50's which i believe may be from vomiting although i have never asked him or seen this behavior

Anyone know about selective eating disorder

2008-10-30 08:55:25 by -

I was watching a documentary about people who only eat certain types of food and have a phobia about trying new food. It's so severe they lack nutrients. It was really strange. There was this girl who would only eat potatoes in the form of fries, potato chips, or mashed.
I realized my brother won't eat vegetables or fruits. He would just eat meat, bread, rice, or pasta. If there is one speck of vegetable in it, he won't eat it at all. I think he has selective eating disorder.

I'm developing an eating disorder

2007-03-23 10:42:26 by --

I'm going crazy! I'm literally scared to eat just about anything.
I've read all the horror stories about what red meat can do to you, so I've stopped eating it. I started eating chicken every day. Now I read chicken contains arsenic! So now I'm afraid of chicken. I've always enjoyed milk, but now I'm hearing milk is horrible for you. Fish? Mercury. Fruits and vegetables? Pesticides. I've already cut out all foods that contain trans fat, bleached flour and/or high fructose corn syrup, so there goes 75% of the foods sold in stores to begin with!
What's left!? I'm literally afraid of eating just about everything now, so I'm losing weight (NOT a good thing! I don't need to lose weight)

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