Vegetables eating dinosaurs

'X-ray vision carrots' gets kids to eat: Share your fun vegetable names - Parent Buzz
Dino Corn Cob Holders Convince Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

It turns out kids would rather eat "X-ray vision carrots" rather than regular old carrots, a study at Cornell University discovered.

What's the difference between the two? Absolutely nothing, except the name.

In the study, 147 students ranging from 8 to 11 years old took part in a vegetable tasting. When researchers changed the name of carrots to X-ray vision carrots, a whopping 66 percent were eaten, far more than the 32 percent eaten when they called the carrots Food of the Day and 35 percent eaten when they left them unnamed.

Other vegetables that underwent a name change in the study? Broccoli became either "Power Punch Broccoli" or "Tiny Tasty Tree Tops" and green beans became "Silly Dilly Green Beans."

The study found that using a fun name for vegetables actually gets kids to eat more of them. An effective, free, solution to eating healthier!

When Moms interviewed Liz Weiss of Meal Makeover Moms about getting kids to eat their vegetables, she talked about "dinosaur kale, " saying, "Now if youre the mom of a little kid, dinosaurs are where its at. So you go to the store and buy dinosaur kale. So now you have everything going for you, because what kid doesn't love dinosaur kale?"

Do you experiment with fun names for vegetables with your kids? Does it work? Help another parent out by sharing some of the fun vegetable names you have come up with!


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PS, I've had 1 cold in 10 years eating this way.

2012-06-29 22:31:02 by --

But I don't consider this a contest with others. I simply found out what works for me....
I feel my best when I eat semi-vegetarian (that is, lots of vegetables, a few fruits, and limited animal products: fish and dairy only). I don't tell others to be like me. I don't claim to be a saint. But I will tell, if asked, how I eat to stay as healthy as I am, being in my late 50s.
BTW my dad died of various high blood pressure diseases + diabetes, from his lifelong meat-centric + processed-foods diet. It was pretty awful what he went thru.
But my blood pressure from eating this way a few decades is textbook normal/ideal, with no pre-diabetes at all


2003-09-01 15:10:55 by OldMom

If the kid will take a vitamin daily, just let this one go. You cannot win food arguments, and sooner or later, your kid will eat everything if you can avoid making it a contest of wills. So have fruit and vegetables around, eat them yourself, and don't worry. (You may find that your kid will eat everything at a friend's house that he or she won't eat at home.)
And truly, they do not starve themselves and end up eating fairly balanced diets as long as sugar and sodas are not present. Good luck!

WW has no friggin idea what she is talking about

2006-01-30 15:45:44 by 8-weeks-of-diet

3- 4 lbs of fat per week is easy to lose.
My spring daily diet is:
300g protein
30g carb on non lift days 100 on lift days Never any sugar.
35g fat from flax/primrose/olive oil
tonds of vegetables and water.
Cardio daily weights 3x week.
Boxing/grappling 2x week.
The fat melts off on this pre-contest type diet. I lost 60 lbs in 15 weeks and came in shredded by May. I retained a decent amount of muscle.
Eating choices stay the same after the diet except carbs and fat go up.
I bet you have never done this type of thing.
Please get some experience before you post bullshit.
Do a bodybuilding show or something.

Limerick Contest Winner: lazywriter

2009-11-19 10:48:11 by rytis

Congrats to lazywriter for winning the Limerick Motel Contest
lazywriter had the limerick with most points (+22)
for the following limerick:

Who the Hell is Fred?
In memory of old Uncle Jake
we gathered last week for a wake
the whiskey supplied
(when anyone died)
flowed freely "for old time's sake"
Gram and Grampa fell off of their rockers
after the shocker (think Fockers)
when Aunty Lulu
at age sixty-two
showed everyone her "new knockers"
Then Mary Beth (Uncle Jake's niece)
who brought her fourth husband from Greece
decided to preach
an hour-long speech
about vegetables and World Peace
Mom, who was snockered by then
was telling 'bout...

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