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Like many other diets, the Raw Vegetable diet guarantees weight loss, and truth be told, you will lose weight on this diet. Also, unlike many other diets, you won't be drowning in water, since vegetables have a high concentration of it. However, there are several warnings that you should be aware of before beginning a Raw Vegetable diet.


See your doctor before beginning this diet. Yes, vegetables have a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients, but excluding dairy, meats and grains can have a detrimental effect on your body without supplements to compensate. According to Secrets of a Low Carb Diet, "Your doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction as far as how many vegetables you should be eating and with what concoction of supplements and vitamins you should be taking them with to make sure your body gets the appropriate nutrients."

Lack of Protein

Most vegetables do not contain a high amino acid count. There are exceptions, listed on Weight Loss for All, such as asparagus, spinach, beans, and broccoli to name a few. Your body requires proteins, and without them, it is very likely that minor muscular atrophy will occur. Other side effects, such as feeling dizzy and light headed, can also occur. Ensure that you eat vegetables high in protein to alleviate these effects.

Lack of Fat

Though fat has been demonized, it is a necessary nutrient. As with protein, vegetables are not known for having high amount of fat. Lack of fat can deprive your body's ability to burn body fat, since your body may move into starvation mode and will attempt to store everything. Also, dietary fat helps your skin, brain and heart function. Your doctor will know what to prescribe to keep these ill effects from occurring.

Muscle Loss

The crux of diets calling for caloric intake specifically, or almost entirely, from carbs is they specify weight loss, but not fat loss. A portion of weight loss comes from muscle mass, or good weight. According to Body Building Web, "One study by Dr. Donald Layman at the University of Illinois, had women on high carb low protein diets and high protein low carb diets. Both groups did resistance training for 11 weeks. The high protein dieters lost 22 lbs but only one pound of muscle. The high carb dieters lost only 15 lbs , but also lost 2 lbs of muscle."


For the low calorie eater, going on a diet of purely vegetables seems like a great idea. However, to reach a healthy calorie intake on a diet such as this will require a lot of eating. You must be prepared to consume pounds of vegetables just to satisfy your body's needs. This can make for awkward social situations, and may be hard at first for those prone to bloating. It is impossible to include what a healthy calorie intake for you would be without known vital information such as: gender, height, weight, and activity level. However, Mayo Clinic Online has just such a calorie calculator, and your doctor should be able to inform you as well.


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Diet looks good

2012-09-10 12:01:18 by type1racegirl

If you're eating sauteed vegetables, you're cooking them in oil, right? what about just eating them raw? does it bother your stomach? are the nuts salted? high sodium can lead to more of a belly.
sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but hopefully the changes you are making will get you out of it and stick for life.
you might find this interesting:
(action of fats on blood sugar)
I have type 1 diabetes - no dietary restrictions, no issues with insulin resistance, but I do notice my numbers are MUCH better when I eat low fat and my energy levels are better when I eat carbs in the way of fresh fruit (I'm very active).

Mediterranean diet

2010-01-20 20:28:22 by cheapdave

You have got to get yourself on a healthy diet....Low Fat Diet...Whole grains, Legumes and Fresh vegetables and Fruit daily..Stop all fast food & junk food... do some research about msg ......... msg is in in practically all processed foods and pretty much anything in a can. It goes by many has some videos on this from dr Russell Blaylock....Learn about supplements. Vitamin D, Fish Oil, COQ10, Glucosamine .........all will help, contact and talk to health adviser (free service) good luck

Read the 80/10/10 diet please

2011-07-13 02:51:20 by cat9ludi

Hi! since you are looking for the diet that is best for your health I would like to offer some advice.
I agree that is's not good to get most of your calories from grains, or legumes, or meat, or dairy, or vegetables... so what's left? so where can we get the majority of our calories and thrive? what's left? drumroll...... FRUIT!! yes, that's right. I bet you've never thought of living on fruit. I bet most people have never tried to make a meal of fruit. It's not only possible, it's delicious and healthful! Check out Doug Graham, living on fruit for over 25 years.
Read the 80/10/10 diet, it might change the way you think of food forever

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