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Study: Diet Success Depends On Vegetables
How I used the Raw Vegan Diet to Beat Cancer

March 09, 2012

Deciding between the Atkins Diet, Mediterranean diet or a traditional low-fat/high-carbohydrates diet?

It really doesn’t make a lot of difference, says a team of Israeli nutrition experts. Your chances of losing weight with any of the three hinges on eating more vegetables and cutting down on sweets than on whether you consume lots of meat and fish (as Atkins advises), olive oil and legumes (Mediterranean-style) or pasta and potatoes (the low-fat route).

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“We took the three different diets and divided them into 12 food groups – vegetables, fruit, liquids and others – and we assessed the impact of each food group on weight loss, ” Yftach Gepner told The Media Line. “We found that it doesn’t really matter which kind of diet you choose – the outcome depends on increasing vegetable consumption and decreasing sweets.”

Gepner, a doctoral student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, was part of a 13-person team to study the impact of the eating regiments on 322 people, nearly 90% of them men, over a two-year period. The subjects were all employed at Israel’s nuclear research center in Dimona, which Gepner said was chosen because it was an easy way to create an easily monitored group.

Atkins works best, but not by much

What they found was that the low-carbohydrate diet, popularized by the American doctor Robert Atkins, achieved the best results, with those put on the regiment losing an average of 6.4 kilograms (14 pounds) in the first six months. Mediterranean dieters lost an average of 4.7 kilos and low-fat dieters shed 4.3 kilos.

All three diets were less successful over two years, with dieters regaining some of their lost fat. But those on the low-carb diet did the best at keeping the weight off while those on the low-fate/high carb regime were only 2.9 kilos lighter on average compared to when they started.

No one diet fit for all

But the differences in the results between the three diets’ menus were less important than how much of their diet consisted of vegetables, according to the study, whose title “Effect of Changes in the Intake of Weight of Specific Food Groups on Successful Body Weight Loss during a Multi–Dietary Strategy Intervention Trial” could afford some slimming, too.


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This diet's success relies on lack of pollutants

2011-02-23 11:53:05 by OneSoul

... I think.
I suspect that our bodies create fat to have a safe place to store dangerous toxins away from our vital organs.
In these modern times, we have no choice but to breathe polluted air.
Our water has been processed away from it's natural state.
Our soil has been depleted of nutrients, sapping it's ability to infuse our produce with the life sustaining and healing properties our bodies require. And most of our fruits and vegetables have been contaminated with chemical sprays and genetically redesigned to the point of losing reproductive abilities

Skin Success Stories Wanted

2007-08-18 11:48:50 by rockmonkey

If you are one of those people who has been frustrated enough by your skin to try everything, but have finally found a regimen that is fantastic for you, please post it here along with a brief description of your skin type and primary concerns.
****For those of you who feel soap and water is sufficient, I am thrilled for you. However, those of us that did not get those genes would not have started searching out other products if that cut it for us.
I have combination skin with an oily T-zone that reduced after adolescence, but nevertheless, persisted. I finally have near flawless skin and am very excited about my regimen (not cheap but entirely worth it to me)

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