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Easy dinner recipes: Vegetarian Mexican ideas for Meatless Monday
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Though many Mexican dishes revolve around meat, there are a wealth of vegetarian options, as Lorenza Muñoz explored in her article on Mexican vegetarian dishes for Food not too long ago. She wrote, "Indeed, Mexicans love their meat, and the cuisine is renowned for its carnitas, tacos al pastor, beef stews and barbecued goat. But what about Mexican vegetarian meals?

"[M]eatless dishes actually have a long history in Mexican cuisine. The diet of the Aztecs and other Indians was heavy on grains, fruits and vegetables, and it wasn't until the Spaniards colonized Mexico that the carnivorous culture of pork and beef really became the backbone of what we now consider Mexican food."

Take her version of Mexican lasagna. Smoky poblano chiles are a perfect substitute for meat in this dish, a mixture of the slightly sweet, mild chiles and fresh corn lending rich depth of flavor. Layer lasagna noodles with the chile-corn mixture and a smooth, slightly tangy sour cream and fresh cotija cheese blend, topping with quesadilla and cotija cheeses and tomato sauce. Assemble the dish ahead of time if you'd like, so all you have to do is bake it when you get home.

RECIPES: 99 easy dinner ideas in about an hour or less

consider flank steaks with fresh chimichurri sauce. The sauce -- a little garlic, red wine vinegar, oil, fresh herbs and a touch of lemon juice -- comes together in almost no time, and those steaks will grill up in minutes. - See more at:

Or try her huitlacoche quesadillas. Huitlacoche, also known as corn fungus or corn "smut, " may not sound like your first choice for quesadilla filling -- and you can fill your quesadillas with whatever you like -- but huitlacoche lends a definite earthy richness to the quesadillas, and a robustness similar to truffles to the finished dish.

Finally, her zetas -- or, mushrooms -- with garlic and pasilla chiles make a hearty dish that works wonders as a side or main course, and the whole thing comes together in less than 30 minutes.

You can find all of the recipes below.

And for more ideas, click through our easy dinner recipes gallery and check out our Dinner Tonight page, devoted to recipes that can be made in an hour or less. Looking for a particular type of recipe? Comment below or email me at


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Is it normal for baby to not want solids?

2009-04-19 15:04:31 by onlywantsbottleorboob

My 8 month old baby still wont eat solids.
I have tried oatmeal, rice, almost every type of organic meat,organic vegetable and fruit I could puree and yogurt. I even tried organic jarred foods.
She refuses to eat them. She will turn her head and scream.
My dr told me she should be eating 3 other meals a day by 9 months. She will be 9 months in 9 days.
She wont even take juice or water. I have no problems with her on the bottle or boob, I just want to see if its normal for her to turn food away.

Those are what is freshest right now.

2006-07-21 22:47:31 by wormburner

In season. I'm not particulary exotic with my vegetables. My family sells meat wholesale so I kinda grew up a meat and potatoes guy. I'm fond of peppers too, green, red, yellow...getting stuff straight from farmers is the best way, best flavor. Wish I liked tomatoes, they always look good but I just don't like 'em. Zucchini is growin on me. My meals usually consist of either chicken or fish, a simple vegetable, some rice, beans or bread and if I have room, dessert.
I need to eat more fruit. I used to cook meals and serve them to 100 people at a time, went into the job with no experience, within a month was makin a dozen lemon meregue pies at a time and they were good


2008-11-25 15:57:20 by DelrayDrifter

I am sorry if I offended all the vegetarians here. That was not my goal. I have known plenty of vegetarians. And I have known lots of people who are just picky eaters. Both can be delightful guests, or pains in the neck.
If you are a strict vegetarian, to the point of needing to know every ingredient in every dish served to you, you really should simply excuse yourself from dining at the homes of carnivores. I do eat everything, but I can cook strict vegetarian meals. I wouldn't wish to do so for Thanksgiving.
Here is a little story why I don't cater to menu-curious vegetarians

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