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Can I Steam Vegetables While I Cook Rice?

You can steam vegetables while cooking rice and then combine into a variety of tasty dishes. Photo Credit Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Rice and vegetables tend to be common staple items that you can use in many types of meals, from comfort food poultry dishes to casseroles to Asian-style recipes. Cooking them can be relatively simple, quick and easy. You can make this process even more streamlined by steaming vegetables while cooking rice. You can cook these two tasty and healthy menu items at the same time in a few different ways. Vegetables that you can steam run the gamut and include broccoli, carrots, celery, zucchini squash, yellow squash, onions, garlic and dark leafy greens. Brown and white rice are a couple of kinds of rice that you can cook while vegetables steam.

If you have a saucepan with a steamer insert that fits inside of it, you can cook rice in the saucepan and steam the vegetables in the steamer insert at the same time. You cook the rice in the lower saucepan and place the vegetable-filled steamer insert above that. The steam rises from the cooking rice and steams the vegetables. You can also cook the two items at the same time by cooking rice in a saucepan while steaming vegetables in a separate pan on a different stove burner. A third way to cook both items at the same time is to cook rice in a covered glass baking dish in the oven while steaming vegetables in a saucepan on the stove.

It takes longer to cook rice than it takes to steam vegetables. Thus, for example, if it takes 45 minutes to cook brown rice and 10 minutes or less to steam vegetables, start steaming the vegetables about 10 minutes before you expect the rice to be done. Also, some vegetables steam more quickly than others. For example, firmer vegetables like carrots generally take longer to steam than thinly sliced zucchini squash. Depending on the altitude and humidity level where you are cooking the rice and vegetables, the rice and vegetables might cook faster or slower.

Steaming vegetables while you cook rice, in the same pan, makes kitchen cleanup quicker and more streamlined, because you use one pan and lid for preparing two dishes. Cooking in this way also simplifies your cooking preparations and most likely will save you some time. Also, you only use one burner on your stove, so you save electricity by cooking two dishes on one burner in this way. If you are cooking several dishes at once, such that you need several burners on your stove, cooking rice and vegetables using just one burner leaves the three other burners on your stove free for cooking other items.


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if anybody is interested....
it seems like almost every inauguration they have some variation of "seafood pie"
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View the menu online before going

2007-09-12 10:35:14 by HolyCrapBatman

I always go online to view the menu, and if they have the carb count that is even better.
If not I will order a large salad, grilled fish and steamed vegetables.
I pass on the bread which is becoming somewhat easier. Also no rice, potatoes or starchy foods.
I have 2 work related lunches this week and next and have already made my selection.

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