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The Rice Diet Solution: What It Is

The Rice Diet Solution is an extremely rigid approach to reverse disease and cause weight loss. The detailed food plan severely limits salt, sugar, fat, and processed foods and causes rapid weight loss. Dieters are promised fast weight loss of 20-30 pounds the first month, followed by 2.5-3.5 pounds per week in the later phases. Add the recommended and you can lose even more .

The Rice Diet Solution is based on the 1939 Rice Diet Program, where dieters checked into facilities in Durham, N.C., for an intensive two to four week boot camp focused on treating , , , , and kidney disease.

Due to the continued success of that expensive in-house program, co-authors, Kitty Rosati, MS, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian; and her cardiologist husband, Robert Rosati, MD, wrote The Rice Diet Solution to guide those wanting to try the diet at home.

The plan consists of a very low-calorie, high-complex carbohydrate, low-sodium, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein, whole-foods diet designed to detoxify, cause , and prevent or reverse chronic diseases.

The plan incorporates stress reduction through mindfulness, yoga, and as well. Hundreds of recipes, weekly menus, tips, and diet advice are sprinkled throughout The Rice Diet Solution book.

NOTE: The diet is not recommended for anyone who has had a colon resection or impaired kidney function.

The Rice Diet Solution: What You Can Eat

Ricers, the affectionate term for those following the Rice Diet Solution, eat more than just rice -- but not much. Though rice is part of the plan, it is one of 30 foods available at any given meal.

The plan allows for whole-grain starches, low-sodium beans, fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy and very lean protein sources. "Eating a diet high in fiber from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will keep you feeling full and satisfied, " says co-author Kitty Rosati.

The Rice Diet Solution plan has several phases:

Phase 1 -- one week

1 day: Basic Rice Diet (800 calories and 50 mg sodium)

2 starches and 2 fruits at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

6 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet (1, 000 calories a day and 300 mg sodium)

Breakfast: 1 starch, 1 fruit, 1 nonfat dairy

Lunch and dinner: 3 starches, 3 vegetables, 1 fruit

Phase 2 -- one week

1 day: Basic Rice Diet

5 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet

1 day: Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet (1, 200 calories per day and 500 mg sodium)

Breakfast: 2 starches, 1 fruit

Lunch: 3 starches, 3 vegetables, 1 fruit

Dinner: 3 starches, 3 protein (or 2 dairy), 3 vegetables, 1 fruit

Phase 3 -- Maintenance. Same as phase 2, adding about 200 more calories per week, until you stop losing weight.

1 day: Basic Rice Diet

4 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet

2 days: Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet

The authors of The Rice Diet Solution note the diet is too low in calcium and vitamin D and suggest a once-daily multivitamin.

Source: www.webmd.com

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I'm a dietitian and that's not too bad

2010-01-04 19:15:03 by -

The reason why OP is hungry and craving for carbs is b/c there is no protein in her diet. Needs protein especially if you're running 10 miles a day to build muscle. Oh yeah more servings of vegetables and fruits please and more complex carbs like brown rice and oatmeal. Don't beat yourself up about it.
I love how everyone thinks they're an expert on nutrition. It makes me laugh.

An old vegetarian trick is to substitute

2009-09-24 23:31:12 by ulula

Something else for sugar any time a craving strikes like fat and fatty snacks ( ie. eat more butter, dark chocolate, cheetos etc. so you don't feel deprived) until you kick the sugar. You won't lose weight and you might even gain some but you also won't feel so hungry and unsatisfied you go on a sugar binge. Sugar is really addictive.
Anyway it takes most vegetarians a long time to go from a regular American diet to brown rice and vegetables and sugar is one of the hardest things to phase out.

I Agree, i am an american borne asain and i was

2007-03-02 14:20:01 by really-fat

When i was growing up. At home my parents were never really around but they had our house keeper cook 3 meals a day, and I also ate another lunch at school. The food was fairly healthy a lot of rice, veggies, fish, and meat. But the proportions were out of whack. From the time I was 5-12 I ate 4 adult size meals everyday.
I lost the weight by playing sports in jr high school, and going to the gym and I started eating more healthy. Now i don’t go to the gym but i am a vegetarian my diet consist 50% vegetables. I am by no means naturally thin, if I ate fatty foods I would gain a lot of weight

Rice and fruit are fattening!

2012-01-24 07:11:19 by TheKhan

Go on a very low carbohydrate diet. That's what really works to shed body fat. Eat only green leafy vegetables as your only carb intake. Avoid vegetable oils and vegetable proteins. Stick to animal fats and proteins, as they are not fattening.
Your only cardio should be sprinting type of exercises. Aerobics generally burn a lot more muscle than body fat.

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