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A list of E Number food Additives not suitable for vegetarians
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Identifying food additives
It can be difficult to determine if some types of additives are derived from animals or not. This is because it all depends on how the additive has been manufactured in the first place. In Europe and Australia food additives are listed by a labelling system called "E Numbers". However, the use of E Numbers on ingredients lists has become unfashionable, particularly in the UK. This is because the representation of E Numbers tend to be associated with the negative health affects on the consumer. Psycologically, it seems that printing out the full name of the additive (even though the additve names themselves seem completly "foreign" and unpronouncable!), gives the consumer more confidence about their purchase.
Below is a list of additives arranged by their E Numbers, which either always contain animals or those which sometimes may - depending on how the additive was sourced to begin with. All other E Numbers not listed here are to the best of our knowledge always vegetarian.

NOTE for US and non E Number countries: If you would prefer to read a table with just the additive names in alphabetical order (no E Numbers) then

Red background indicates additives which are always derived from animals. Those in grey boxes are additives, which could be made from either animal or vegetable origins; in which case the grey area additives should be treated with caution. Some of the grey area additives also give an indicator that they may be unsuitable for vegans.
If a food or beauty product is not clearly labelled get in touch with them and ask questions - make a fuss!

E Number Additive Name


Cochineal, Carminic acid, Carmines Natural Red 4 - colouring

A colouring that makes many foods red. Found in alcoholic drinks, fruit pie fillings, jams, many sweets and even cheeses. Cochineal is made from the female insect found on cacti called Dactylopius Coccus. She is boiled alive or left to "cook" alive through sun exposure. Cochineal is the result of crushing scales of the insect into a red powder.


Carbon Black, Vegetable Carbons - colouring


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Paleo diet: IS basically meat and fiber

2005-11-15 15:46:06 by merkely

Unless I am somehow misunderstanding what you are discussing, the paleo diet, or caveman diet, or neanderthal diet, or whatever it goes by this week, is basically about making food choices that existed 18,000 years ago (number basically made up). So, this is good in that it essentially removes processed food from your eating patterns, and inserts natural food such as, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables (and meat).
The meat aside, all the other things are high-fiber foods, not low in fiber as you contend.
Disclosure: I do not adhere to the caveman diet.
I think we can all agree on the oft-recited "correlation is not cause," but the fact...

More paleo diet details you seem to miss

2011-06-29 13:12:37 by sportjester1

Paleolithic diet to our current modern pattern of intake has resulted in profound changes in feeding behavior. Shifts have occurred from diets high in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood to processed foods high in sodium and hydrogenated fats and low in fiber"
"Paleolithic dietary patterns have shown promising results with favorable changes in CVD and diabetes risk factors. However, such benefits may be offset by disadvantages of the Paleolithic diet, which is low in vitamin D and calcium and high in fish potentially containing environmental toxins"

Rx Drugs, Me, My Dr. and the Paleo Diet

2011-08-20 12:27:02 by ifthenelf

Reading Loren Cordain book on the paleo diet I was supposedly on and found I was making major errors. But even with me half-trying the paleo eating for a couple months, my weight is now 193 from my usual 204-212. I am very energetic and sleep well. My BP is normal.
The cause of most modern chronic diseases is largely inflammation. This produces symptoms such as high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, cardio-vascular disease, high LDL, etc. The inflammation is from modern diets, environmental pollution and 'life style' and can largely be controlled with a healthy diet of fresh fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables-and more movement


2011-04-16 19:10:29 by countryrooster

For those of you interested in the PALEO DIET type of lifestyle, please DO YOUR RESEARCH before you start'll find that while SOME of the dietary principles the Paleo-Theory support ARE GREAT, others are based on either misinformation, or twisting of facts.
One of the most common claim in support of Paleo-Diets is that "grains and beans" contain Lectins, which are difficult to digest, and also that we didn't eat them in any significant amount until fairly recently in evolution.
This second point might be true, and if you're trying to eat rice and beans at every damn meal, you may run into an issue!
HOWEVER: LECTINS are ALSO FOUND in MOST nuts and seeds in fairly high amounts, and in many other vegetables in moderate amounts! The Paleo Dieters say "eat nuts,...

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