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American Airlines Restricts Its Vegetarian Meal Option

by Jeanne Yacoubou, MS

VRG Research Director

We recently received an email from a vegetarian couple who frequently flies on American Airlines business class. They expressed frustration about the lack of vegetarian meals served on most flights. They told us that they usually are served nothing at all and that “it has been close to a decade since we have received a veggie meal option from American. This includes international flights…”

The VRG contacted American for clarification of their vegetarian meal policy. Stephen Jeffery of Customer Relations at American told us that “we no longer offer the option of ordering a special meal in the first class cabin on all domestic non-transcontinental flights (special meals are still available in the first class and business class cabins on transcontinental flights) or in the coach cabin on all domestic flights and on flights to/from the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Latin America and Canada.”

Jeffery explained American’s policy in this manner: “This change in service resulted from an exhaustive competitive analysis of this particular complimentary amenity. The cost savings identified by this reduction in service are significant for us and will help us focus on those of our products and services better valued by our customers.”

Jeffery noted that special meals, including a vegetarian option, are still available on flights to Europe, Japan and some Latin American destinations. For more information, he suggested that readers visit:

When The VRG followed up with American Airlines on this subject on behalf of the vegetarians who said they were served nothing at all when their request for the vegetarian option was denied, Jeffery stated that “as long as there were sufficient meals aboard, the flight attendant would be more than happy to serve a regular meal in place of a special meal which had been requested but was not delivered.”

The VRG recommends that vegetarians request the vegetarian meal option every time they fly. More consumer interest and demand may result in a meal policy modification at American Airlines.


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Typical daily meals

2005-01-20 15:42:07 by pumpkingirl

1. 1 Bowl of Oatmeal with rasp/blueberries
2. 1 Bowl of cold cereal
3. Banana
1. 1 Tangerine or non-fat yogurt
2. Handful of reduced fat wheat thins
1. 1 medium size salad w/spinach, carrots, string beans, tomatoes, cucumbers
2. 1 bowl of microwave popcorn
3. apple
1. apple or tangerine or yogurt
1. 1 bowl of vegetable soup and spinach salad (again) or 1 bowl or rice with lean chicken, string beans, or broccoli
2. two pocket pitas with hummus
I drink 6-8 glasses of H20 at the office

I'm not a vegetarian but some of our

2011-06-28 13:51:16 by Militarymomma

Meals are. We have refrigerator oats almost every day (oats, liquid, yogurt mixed up and put in the refrigerator overnight to soak up then berries and honey in the morning) and probably 2 nights a week, we end up eating vegetarian. Not necessarily because it's vegetarian but because I found good recipes that are.
We just had a recipe last night from Eating Well called Basque Vegetable Rice. (I made it non-vegetarian by using a bit of chorizo instead of chile peppers and by heating up some Portuguese sausage 'coins' to throw on top but the original recipe is veggie if you use vegetable stock/broth instead of chicken broth/stock

Buy to stock, buy to make quick meals

2008-04-12 13:17:05 by --

To stock: Once every few months:
- rice, lentils, uncooked beans
(soak, simmer, add salt, and sometimes a fresh tomato)
- flour, sugar, cracked wheat, spaghetti, pasta
Once a week:
- tomato, onion, garlic, ginger, yogurt, water (you always need them), milk, bread, cheese
- veggies for stir fry/steamed/raw (change every week, depending on what you find on sale).
- Don't cook non-veg (cook once a week - that should be enough, and that is if you even want to have non-veg)
- Learn how to cook each single vegetable

Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Meals

2010-01-03 19:42:11 by 1life1day

•Add strawberries, blueberries, or bananas to your cereal, oatmeal, toast, waffles, and pancakes.
•Stir low-fat granola into a bowl of low-fat or non-fat yogurt. Top with sliced apples or berries.
•Top toasted whole-grain bread with peanut butter and sliced bananas
•Fill your omelet with bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions instead of meat and cheese.
•Add sliced apples or bananas and a dash of cinnamon to your pancake batter.
Lunch and Dinner
•Add a small zip lock bag of fresh cut up fruit or veggies to your child’s or your own lunch box

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