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Consequences of Not Eating Fruits & Vegetables | Healthy Eating

Excluding fruits and vegetables from your diet can lead to health problems.Excluding fruits and vegetables from your diet can lead to health problems.

Fruits and vegetables contribute a host of beneficial nutrients and other food components, such as phytochemicals and fiber, to your diet. Although you can replace some of them with supplements, no dietary supplement can substitute for all the compounds found in fruits and vegetables, nor can they mimic the potential nutrient interactions found in those foods that may contribute to their healthful effects. Not including these foods as part of a well-balanced diet can result in significant health consequences.


One of the initial adverse effects of avoiding fruits and vegetables might be a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Produce contributes B-vitamins that help you derive energy from your diet, vitamin C to assist with wound healing, vitamin A to keep your skin and eyes healthy and vitamin K to support blood clotting. Minerals in fruits and vegetables include, for example, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium, which contribute to your skeletal, nerve and cardiovascular health. Avoiding these foods can impact any of these functions.

Digestive Issues

Fruits and vegetables contain a type of indigestible carbohydrate called fiber, which doesn’t contribute calories to your diet but can improve your intestinal health. Insoluble fiber increases the bulk of waste products in your large intestine, speeds up the waste as it passes through your system and helps you avoid constipation and hemorrhoids. Lack of fiber in your diet can have the opposite effect.

Disease Risk

Soluble fiber swells as it passes through your gut and slows the absorption of nutrients such as glucose and cholesterol. In this way, it can help regulate your blood levels of these molecules and may lessen your risk of diabetes or elevated cholesterol levels. In addition, fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, plant-based substances that not only contribute color to these foods but also may reduce inflammation and even slow or prevent tumor growth.

Cardiovascular Health

Balancing potassium and sodium in your diet is a key factor in managing your cardiovascular health. Many Americans consume too much sodium and too little potassium, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in potassium, can help restore the balance of these minerals. Not eating these foods may increase your risk of high blood pressure or stroke.

Weight Problems

Fruits and vegetables have a relatively low energy density, meaning they offer few calories per unit of weight. They therefore provide bulk to your diet but don’t overload you with calories, and their water and fiber content helps you feel full and can prevent you from overeating -- particularly helpful if you are trying to lose weight. Excluding fruits and vegetables in favor of foods with a high energy density, such as cheese or fatty meat, can hinder your efforts to maintain a healthy body weight.


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"No fruits & veggies for my kids."

2003-11-24 11:11:38 by dogz

The precautionary principle indicates "in the absence of scientific data, it is better to be safe than sorry." So, one might cross off coffee for kids.
On the other hand, many of our fruits and vegetables NATURALLY contain pesticides/carcinogens. Part of the plants defense. (That means organic food too.)
you ready to eliminate the following from your kid's diet?
"Among the foods containing natural pesticides that cause cancer in rats or mice, he [Ames] says, are: anise, apples, bananas, basil, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, grapefruit juice, honey—dew melon, horseradish, kale, mushrooms, mustard, nutmeg, orange juice, parsley, parsnips, peaches, pineapples, radishes, tarragon, and turnips"
So there...

Plenty of good enough for me

2008-07-22 19:18:34 by AnEelOnWheels

Murder applies to humans killing humans, not humans eating animals
animal-based food products have absolutely not been reproduced as vegetarian alternatives.. not for taste, and not for nutrition.
eating meat, especially fish and poultry, is a very healthy way to get complex aminos and other nutrients that are more difficult to source from a vegan diet, plus they provide a more readily-metabolized bunch of calories than most vegetarian 'equivalents.' I would apply this only in a well-balanced diet of predominantly vegetables, grains and fruits.
again, remember that I see no moral or ethical problems with killing animals for food

I have next to no diet.

2008-11-03 16:59:31 by SBuffalo

What little there is fairly bland. Actually, I have been eating a healthier diet than I have for decades. Fruits and vegetables. Grains and fiber. Rice, oatmeal, other cereals. Very little red meat, I can stomach fish and chicken sometimes. The doctors have not been totally useless, they changed some of my meds. Got my outrageous blood pressure under control, and upped the dose on my tummy pill, both of which helped. There has been no change down below though, in fact it's getting worse. I drink a fair amount of water, not enough probably. I drink a lot of Pedialyte becaue it is mild and keeps me hydrated to some extent, but I need to be able to eat

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