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Dieting is tough mainly because it takes time, too much time. Many people find themselves becoming over weight because they eat to pass time. Dieting means eating less food, and eating food that tastes less satisfying which can make the hands on the clock slow down. After a couple of weeks on a new diet the dieters will find themselves yelling at the scale trying to convince it that they sacrificed too much for such little results.

It is at this point the dieters will find themselves at a crossroads. They will either quit dieting altogether or take their diet to the extreme. When the dieters choose the latter, it's common that they decide to only eat vegetables. Of course, this diet is doomed before starting. That's not to say it's impossible to become a vegetarian, it's to say you can't expect to make such a huge change based on desperation. Vegetarians that make it work understand what their bodies need and can substitute the nutritional values that they lack from a meatless diet with the proper combination of fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables that can give them what they need.

Desperate dieters have two rules that they feel they can put their faith behind, which is to eat less food, and only eat vegetables. The thing about vegetables is that they are about 85% water and really offer no solid nutritional value. Yes, they are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but they are empty in calories. That may sound like a good thing to the fed up dieter, but in reality when you have the mindset that eating a lot of food is bad and you are only eating water based, empty foods, you will feel like a glutton with the amount of veggies that you will need to pile on your plate to feel satisfied.

This is where the importance of meats, starches, and fatty foods comes into play. Without excluding any food type but still making sure one food isn't dominating your plate, you can satisfy your mouth, your stomach, and your waistline. Here's the catch; you must be prepared to lose weight at the rate of half a pound a week. Of course, you can lose weight quicker with a more aggressive diet but that's only if you can stick with it. This is a slow and steady approach that will allow you to live a tolerable life while dieting, and of course you can increase from a half a pound a week by adding some exercise. Like dieting, it's important that you don't force yourself into too much exercise because if something becomes a punishment you will stop doing it.

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How about this diet?

2004-08-17 12:50:43 by diseases-diseases

In this site:
"Diet:  Diet is an important factor for everyone. Eat protein with every meal. Eggs, natural meats and poultry are the best sources of protein. Toasted almond butter, goat cheese and nuts are other good sources. Avoid vegetarian diets. At lunch and supper, have three cooked vegetables. Rotate your proteins and your vegetables so you donít eat the same thing every day.
                  You may have complex carbohydrates, but not wheat and spelt. Some people are also sensitive to gluten found in rye, barley and oats

You need to get catabolic

2008-05-14 13:08:39 by dbx

Taking in proteins is one thing but you have to tear down the muscles (catabolic phase) you have right now in order to rebuild larger and stronger ones (anabolic phase) and use the added protein in your diet for muscle mass. Without the intense strength training, the proteins will just get metabolized for the calories and turn into fat.
Lean proteins - fish, chicken, beef, pork, complete vegetable proteins. You need some complex carbs to fuel all that activity too and plenty of fluids to help in digesting all that.
At some extreme point, protein powder becomes cost effective

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