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foodWe are told that vegetables are powerful and virtuous—that they fight off cancer, sweep our digestive systems clean, and strengthen our immune system —that they can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Yet vegetables have a dark side. They don’t want to be eaten any more than animals do, and use sophisticated chemical weapons to defend themselves…

Vegetable Psychology

We think of them as virtuous, vital components of a healthy diet, yet vegetables are cunning and manipulative.

Deep down they don’t care about us.
Our health is not their top priority; their top priority is their own survival.
Plants have been on earth for hundreds of millions of years and they have learned a thing or two about survival.

Pretend you are a plant.

You can’t run away from animals that stop to dine on you.
You can’t growl to scare predators away.
You can’t wander around to meet other plants and reproduce.
You can’t brush off caterpillars that are nibbling on you.
You can’t swat away the insects that stop to bite you.

How do you protect yourself?

Well, you might have thorns or other special structures to help deter some invaders, but mostly you use chemical weapons…and very sophisticated ones, at that. Plants have been on this planet a lot longer than we have and they’ve got our number. They know what we like and don’t like. They know how our cells work. They know our strengths and weaknesses.

They have gone out of their way to make some vegetable parts taste bitter, so that we are less likely to want to eat them. In fact, the produce industry has had to work hard to breed bitterness out of vegetables so that we will be more likely to buy them. These bitter substances not only taste bad, they also function as highly specialized pesticides that are designed to kill insects, larvae, worms, bacteria, and fungi. These include things like:

  • Specialized immune system molecules that recognize invaders, attach to them, and mark them for the kill.
  • Poisons that kill cells and mitochondria by bursting their membranes open.
  • Enzyme inhibitors that interfere with vital metabolic reactions.
  • Oxidative toxins that break DNA strands

Because we believe that vegetables are good for us, we spend lots of time, energy, and money trying to prove how these bitter pesticides might be beneficial to human health. Because many of these same chemicals function as “anti-oxidants” in the laboratory, scientists enjoy studying how they might be used to fight cancer and other diseases.


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Weight gain has more to do with diet

2006-10-13 18:46:02 by DjArcadian

Weight gain/loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. You don't gain weight merely from less exercise. You could sit on your ass for an extra year and not gain a pound if you adjusted your diet accordingly. Usually limiting yourself to around 1800 calories a day give or take.
Examine your diet. Record calories and see how much you're consuming. After figuring that out try and adjust your diet to reduce the calories. I usually eat a lot of lean meats mixed with lots of vegetables. It's very healthy, fills you up and keeps the weight in check.
Bicycling may not be as aerobic as running but it's certainly not the cause.

Dr says no salt on no salt diet sea vegetable ar

2013-02-04 13:02:13 by 100-times-higher-than

Land vegetables . higher in nutrients. i eat seaweed . many asians do. its good stuff. nori . miso soup. tempeh , kimchee
hey you want to pour white chemical treated coated with aluminum flowing agents morton salt on your food be my guest. french fries they put that cheap sakt on it and the hormone laden tetracycline gmo feed beef um um mm good. eat up your guys are real smart

The problem with being vegetarian:

2010-09-22 11:32:54 by TheNOok

People wont eat a balanced diet anyway, taking out meat will just make them protein deficient in addition to not eating a balanced vegetarian diet required to provide all of the essential amino acids.
Secondly, the energy condensed from veggies into nice fatty foods by cows pigs or other animals, won't happen. The square miles needed to feed a cow is less than what is required to provide the same energy into people directly from grass or vegetables. The required amount of farmland would simply expand to be controlled veggie farms instead of controlled cow farms, and require more trees to be cleared than cows alone.

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