Candida Diet vegetables

What To Eat During Your Cleanse

If you choose to start your Candida Diet with a cleanse, this page contains the foods that you can eat during this more restrictive phase of the treatment.

As far as possible, you should use these ingredients to make raw salads and steamed vegetables. You can also lightly sauté in extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. As you can see, there are plenty of herbs and seasonings that you can use to make your food more interesting.

For more detailed information on how to plan and prepare meals during your Candida diet, check out my Ultimate Candida Diet treatment program.


Lisa Richards, Candida expert and the creator of, reveals the treatment that permanently cured her yeast infections, eliminated Candida and restored her energy levels!

The Ultimate Candida Diet program

If you regularly experience symptoms like headaches, brain fog, drowsiness or weight gain, to read more about the Ultimate Candida Diet program...

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The Ultimate Candida Diet program is written by Lisa Richards, Candida expert and the creator of Start tackling your Candida today. to to find out more!


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I've gone on the Candida diet and have felt

2005-04-22 17:57:01 by -

100% better. I used to have anxiety, ancne, depression, painful limbs and absolutley no energy. The Candida took over my body ten years ago after taking many antibiotics and birth contol pills. Candida is very real! The supplements I take are not expensive (garlic, pro-biotics, etc.) and the diet is basically meat and vegetables. You don't have to buy the books either, just check them out at the library. Two of my favorites are The Body Ecology and The Yeast Connection. Thease books have changed my life.

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