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A 1,500-Calorie Menu by Dietitian Susan McQuillan
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Healthy 1, 500-calorie vegetarian meal plan

Can you lose weight on a vegetarian diet? The short answer is “Yes!” The long answer is “Yes, but only if it’s a calorie-controlled vegetarian diet.”

As a group, vegetarians tend to be leaner than meat-eaters. That could be because some vegetarian diets are rather extreme and eliminate so many higher-fat foods. Many vegetarians are also very health conscious, and they pay particular attention to the amount of food they eat. But there are as many types of vegetarians as there are reasons for following a vegetarian diet, so the rule doesn’t hold true for all.

Vegans, or strict vegetarians, eat only foods from plant sources. Macrobiotic vegetarians are vegans who eat a very limited variety of foods. Lacto-vegetarians include dairy products in their diets while lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs. Pesco-vegetarians, or pescatarians include seafood in an otherwise vegetarian diet; fruitarians include only raw or dried fruits, seeds and nuts in their diets. Semi-vegetarians or “mostly” vegetarians eat animal foods but not on a regular basis.

While some of these diets are inherently lower in fat and/or calories than others, they aren’t necessarily healthier because they aren’t nutritionally balanced. Since most people can’t stick to any type of overly restrictive diet, vegetarianism is destined to become just one more thing that didn’t “work” for anyone who tries to use it solely for the purpose of losing weight.

Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

If you want to follow a vegetarian diet plan for weight control, use the portion-controlled menu below as a guide. This basic menu supplies fewer than 1, 500 calories and is high in essential nutrients and fiber. If you eliminate dairy products, substitute lowfat soy milk and soy yogurts. (Be sure to choose brands that are enriched with the vitamins and minerals normally provided by dairy products, such as calcium and vitamin D.)

To keep this menu as nutritionally balanced as possible, make all substitutes within the same food group, substituting fruit for fruit, grain for grain, veggie for veggie, in equal amounts. And remember to drink lots of water with and between meals.

  • 1 cup oatmeal sprinkled with 2 Tbsp. wheat germ
  • 1 apple or pear
  • 1 cup skim or low-fat milk
  • 1 cup mixed fruit salad over …
  • 2 cups salad greens, sprinkled with …
  • 1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar, raspberry vinegar or fresh lemon juice
Afternoon snack


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SB has a vegetarian plan online

2009-09-08 14:23:40 by krippilicious

You can access their Web site for free for a weeklong trial, I believe. You could use that time to download some of their vegetarian recipes and start creating your own meal plans.
I did South Beach many years ago as the catalyst for my weight loss. I wasn't vegetarian then, but I have been for a very long time now, and I still follow SB principles. Understanding the science behind that diet is what's helped me maintain my weight loss and make good choices that fit in with my diet no matter if I'm cooking or at a restaurant or at a party or whatever. That's going to be the biggest takeaway for you: rather than just reading recipes, make sure you understand why they want you to eat the kinds of foods they want you to eat.


2008-10-29 20:13:21 by chidame

I lost 70+ pounds. i didn't know what i was doing when i started, either. if you are willing to try, accept that it takes time and effort to make lasting changes, and are ok with learning as you go, you'll totally get there.
i googled vegetarian weight loss plan - the website below has specific menu ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack:
a lot of people like it is a free support and diet tool website.

Weight Loss

2002-07-09 11:18:47 by Eshta

I've never been on WW but I lost over 110 pounds in the past couple years on my own. (I was a size 22/24, I am now an 8/10)
No pills or anything, just healthy eating and near-daily exercise. (cardio, weight lifting and stretching)
I have maintained my weight for a year now and still do the same things. I think it's possible to still be a foodie and eat in a healthful manner. Moderation really -is- key.
Some snacky things that I like:
Lunchmeat wrapped around celery sticks, bell pepper slices or other vegetable (ha ha! hides the vegetable) Just watch the salt

My housemate

2010-09-29 17:26:16 by NomDeKeyz

Has lost 10 lbs in the last two months with just balanced diet and occasional walks (tho some walks/hikes were very long).
He tried doing exercise a few months ago, but it just isn't a habit he is willing to develop at this time (mainly because it interrupts the flow of his day and makes it difficult for him to focus on projects). When he has less on his project list, we will try to make exercise a part of his life.
Weight loss is likely slower without exercise, but it can happen. I think that it is more important to focus on a healthy balanced diet than on exercise, especially in your case (not to say that exercise isn't potentially important)

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