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Simple plant based meal plan and shopping guide for one week with

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition offered through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell.

Overall health and risk of degenerative disease are inextricably linked to dietary practice. This course introduces both individual and health practitioners to a new way of thinking about nutrition and explores the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet, based on the research of leading expert T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

Topics in this three-course series include the troubled state of health and healthcare in America, fundamentals of nutrition, research and findings from The China Project and an examination of current nutrition research practices and methodology. Also included are guest lectures from experts in the field including Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., Dr. John McDougall, M.D., Dr. Antonia Demas, Ph.D., Dr. Matthew Lederman, M.D., Dr. Doug Lisle, Ph.D. and more.

Start learning about the possibilities today:

  • Earn your certificate in as little as six weeks
  • Series of three, two week online courses
  • Independent learning platform with on-line support for live instructors
  • Work at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Participate in group discussions with students from around the world
  • Attend live “office hour” chat sessions with your instructor
  • Receive continuing education credits


I feel truly privileged to be a part of this course at a time when we can use the knowledge to make a real difference in the world. Dr. Campbell's message is critical to our health, and the evidence presented in the course cannot be ignored. The information is easy to understand and communicate, my fellow students are brimming with enthusiasm, and our instructor is incredibly supportive. I can't wait for the next module.
Jessica S.

Dr. Campbell's research and teachings, founded in solid science, have opened my eyes. I previously considered coronary artery disease to be a terminal illness on par with cancer. The data presented here has demonstrated that this process can not only be arrested, but in some cases reversed. I have personally adopted Dr. Campbell's dietary recommendations and am now passing the information from these studies on to my patients. Previously, after helping patients through their acute medical crisis, my best hope and advice was to modify their risk factors and hope for the best. I can now encourage them to adopt this regimen with a good prospect of having a significant impact on the course of their disease process.
Marc R. K. MD
Cardiac Surgery Specialist


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Started my new diet today. I joined one of

2009-09-13 07:29:31 by --

The on-line plans that plan out your meals and the first two weeks are protein/vegetable based. I felt a little weird when I was preparing breakfast (eggs, cheese & turkey ham) because I usually grab toast and coffee, but I have to admit that it's sticking with me and I don't have any cravings (yet).
I hope I can turn this around. I can't fit into any of my winter clothes and summer is going to be ending very soon.

I'm 25, 5'7. female.

2007-07-16 12:39:03 by AnonRegofDeath

I'm on the plateau that won't die. Eight weeks and counting.
Embarassing. Horrid. I think the solution is more strength training. Maybe more protein. Could be that I'm stressed, too. Sooooo stressed.
Starting weight- 195. Current weight 157.
Food Plan: Vegetable based meals, good fats, and broken promises to add more protein.
Challenges: A boyfriend who thinks of low-fat anything as "bitch food," and a family who are supportive - in that "look, salad for your diet! (drenched in creamy dressing)" way.
Recent action taken: Threw out everything in my kitchen and pantry I didn't want to eat.

The real crime is that there is no science to

2011-12-06 08:21:19 by TheKhan

Back up the claims of the likes of Ancel Keys and Kenneth Cooper. They were based solely on flawed statistic studies claiming increased heart attacks after WWII. In fact the studies never took into account that before WWII one of the major causes of death was infections. After WWII antibiotics brought the death rate from infections down to virtually zero.
The death rates in general went down after WWII, only the percentage of the death rate from heart attacks went up, but in terms of real numbers, were less in the 1950s than before WWII.
It's hard to believe that all these "researchers" had the mathematical ability of gerbils

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