Fruits Diet Plan

The complete fruit diet plan
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What is the fruit diet?

The fruit diet is a diet, by which as the name suggests, lots of fruit may be eaten. The fruit diet is suitable for people who love sweet and sugar.

Because you can eat as much fruit as you like, you won’t be affected by hunger. There is also enough variation of different kinds of fruit, making the fruit diet not boring at all.

Where should you pay attention to during this diet?

If you are going to try this diet, you should pay attention to several things.

For example, you must ensure that the fruits are fresh and ripe. It is better to cut the fruit until ready for use, otherwise it will become brown. If you like dried fruit, soften it by putting it into water for a while, otherwise it will be difficult to digest.

With the fruit diet you will lose much weight quickly. However, after two weeks, this will be somewhat less, because in the beginning you will mainly lose excessive moisture. Still you’ll be losing 100 grams of fat a day. Besides the loss of weight, the skin will look much fresher.


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Diet plan advice needed

2008-07-29 20:33:06 by -

Can someone supply a simple weekly diet plan for a 40 year old single male? I fear I've been abusing my body by eating unhealthy for a long while. I'm in relatively good physical condition, but fear future problems that may surface. I eat a lot of deli meats, lots of italian breads, hardly any fruits or vegetables. Can someone list out a day-by-day diet plan for me?

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