Fruits and veggies Diet Meal plan

Only Fruit and Vegetable Diet {my experience}

Things I ate:fresh,local fruits and vegetables (raw and cooked)

salt,spices,oil,and honey

water,green tea

Let me reiterate,I did it just out of curiosity and not for weight loss,boost my metabolism,cure acne,or whatever health claims they associate fad diets with. For breakfast-I tried different blends of fresh fruits and vegetables commonly known as juicing.

Besides juicing,I enjoyed citrus salad as a part of my breakfast and felt pretty creative!

I did not get the feeling of full,so instead of three meals,I grazed on small snacks throughout the day.

Instead of regular ketchup or ranch dressing,I quickly whipped up home made salsa : boiled tomatoes until soft then blended with chopped cilantro,garlic,some salt and blended all together,then finished it off with squeezed fresh lemon.

Guacamole,even without tortilla chips was my absolute fav snack. Not gonna lie,I wished I had tortilla chips at that time though and maybe a piece of good dark chocolate.My biggest craving was chocolate and maybe little bit of carbohydrate!Especially,when I ate dinner on Day 1 at this vegetarian restaurant called Cosmic Cafe!. It was hard to keep pita bread away and just eat eggplant stir fry & portabella mushrooms. Thank god for their vegan tomato soup,that was delicious! Another struggle was,it felt like I had nothing but food on my mind,or I was planning my next snack. I was in the kitchen all day just preparing food,cleaning and constantly planning which was just too much to handle and that is why I decided to end on Day 2 before I developed strong dislike for fruits,vegetables,and cooking altogether. Also,I was less energetic than usual. Damn those carbs!

I could have simply chopped up greens with few other veggies for a salad or made simple soups to avoid all the hassle but I wanted to enjoy the whole experience,get creative and make delicious food with all the fresh fruits and veggies.

I am pretty sure there are many people out there doing detox diets,juicing,cleanse and what not for several days but I realized that its just not for me,not for more than a day or two. It's very time consuming and nutritionally not adequate at all. Plus,I felt better when I ate a wholesome meal. I ended Day 2 dinner with a delicious,easy baked eggplant dish,recipe adapted from Chinmayie @ Love,Food,Eat minus the yogurt in the marinade and Aloo Palak {Potato Spinach Curry}.Overall,it was a fun little challenge where I felt pretty bold & creative with only fruits and vegetables. Although I have started enjoying juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning for a refreshing start. There are lots of mixed reviews on juicing if it is really beneficial or not. One of the major concern I see with juicing fruits and vegetables is that it removes "fiber" which is very essential for our digestive health. But on the other hand,I came across some articles which stated that juicing fruits and vegetables will allow the micro nutrients to be absorbed better in our body. Its still a pretty debatable topic but this post from a dietitian Nour,explains very well about juicing vs. blending. My bottom line-
grapefruit & orange slices with freshly chopped mint,sprinkled with salt & pepper
cherries & blueberries
oven roasted sweet potato fries with home made salsa


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Simplest Diet

2004-03-16 10:24:15 by andiamnotagooddieter

The food plan that I follow is more of a way of life, and not a diet, per say. I eat 4 oz. of protein at every meal, and eat only fruits and vegetables and dairy with my protein. I do not eat sugar or flour, etc. It is a low-carb way of eating, but it is not as low as most food plans and I am eating tons of green veggies and fruit and it helps to keep me full longer, even though I am eating less calories in the long wrong. Also, drinking lots of water will help to remove excess water weight.

Paid meal programs

2006-10-04 11:53:23 by sobusy

Has anyone tried the paid meal plans like diettogo or nutrisystem and had success? I just started with the diet to go for lunches b/c I feel that is when I eat the worst (nothing really healthy where I work). I chose the plan that follows 1200 calories, so the meals are fairly small, and I get hungry afterwards, but that allows me to eat small snacks throughout the day, like fruits and veggies.
Just wanted to know if anyone else has tried the program and liked it.

Vegetarian weight loss plans

2007-03-16 07:12:50 by ^_^

I really don't have time to prepare food for myself with school, work, and a baby, so I'm looking for a balanced meal plan that provides most of the food. The two I'm looking at are:
Dr McDougalls program for maximum weight loss
Amy's Kitchen Diet Plan
Both of them involve prepacked food that you add your own fruits and veggies to. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?

Some NYC diet advice?

2007-01-04 09:45:54 by hereiam221

Hiya folks,
i excercise regularly (5x a week) but even so i've managed to gain 10 lbs since november and i've decided to do something about it (i'm trying not to think of this as a new years resolution).
i've decided the low-carb thing is the way to go. ALTHOUGH I am going to eat all fruits and veggies no matter the carbs.
so my diet plan is this:
breakfast, 2 boiled eggs, fruit and coffee
lunch, salad with tofu, meat or nuts
dinner, veggies and meat
drinks, vodka soda, rum and diet coke, or a dry white wine

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