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The 7-Day Detox is aimed at recharging and refreshing your system. Does it deliver? Jenny finds out.

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By Jenny Muller

In my quest to strike a middle ground between eating out and eating sprouts, I’ve done GOOP’s liquid harvest (yay!) and I’ve gone gluten free (boo!). GOOP’s veggie-heavy eating made me a ball of energy who came thisclose to grabbing people on the L train and telling them, “TRY THIS! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Conversely, for someone who’s spent 30+ years pretending Yellow #7 is an ingredient, a gluten-free diet proved too extreme against bad, but solid, habits.

But I ain’t no quitter – and thankfully, I’ve got help. This week’s diet try comes from reader Donna (smooches, Donna!): a 7-day detox created by Juliette Kellow, a registered dietician who cooked up a week-long eating plan aimed to restart, refresh and recharge your system. For one week, it’s beans, lentils, veggies, fruit, fish, tofu, potatoes, rice, nuts, and honey. The no-no list includes meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, wheat, and, unfortunately, my favorite category: condiments. Ketchup! Vinegar! Don’t cry! I’ll only be gone a week!

For those without a lot of kitchen savoir-faire, Juliette outlines an easy plan with options. There’s no same-thing-for-breakfast, lunch, and dinner going on here. And unlike some diets, preparation here is easy. I’ll mostly be eating produce, so I go straight to the source and hit up my local farmer’s market.

The reliance on produce – especially fruit – in this plan is front and center, so I decide to start my days with smoothies. While dairy and soymilk is a detox don’t, Juliette permits natural yogurt, which is so easy to find, even my big box grocers stock it. Two fruits, a handful of ice cubes (another reader tip!), a scoop of yogurt, and WHIIRRR! Open sesame, mouth.

It’s undressed salad for lunch (zzzz), and by dinner, the creativity starts to slide – as does the will to come home from a long day and start cooking. However, canned fish falls under the "eat it" column as long as it’s packed in water, so it’s tuna and a microwaved potato for me. (Tuna? In a detox diet?) I spiff up my tuna with a squeeze of lemon, but am confronted with a dilemma re: the tot. In the absence of butter, cheese, or salt, what’s a girl use to dress her spud?

DAY 2 – 4
My blender hasn’t gotten this much attention since Cinco de Mayo, but I’m thinking for lunch, it’s time to explore the world of commercially-prepped smoothies. These days, even convenience stores are hawking fruit-filled slurps, and finding a convenient blend is a matter of finding a convenience store. But by day 4, I’m detecting a trend: "organic" doesn't mean "healthy." And it doesn’t mean sugar-free, either. I’m quickly learning to sniff out sweeteners like evaporated cane juice, agave, and organic brown sugar. Sure, these are better than refined sugar, but sugar is sugar, and I’m surprised at how many brands rely heavily on these – often listing them as the third or fourth ingredient.


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"detox diets" are a load of shit

2004-05-30 15:42:28 by most-certainly

It's not about doing something extreme, radical, and ultimately useless. it's about a sensible eating plan of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and occasional splurges on baddies for your sanity. Thats the best lifetime "detox" diet you'll find.
The idea behind detox diets is more about ill-conceived quick fixes that sell lots of books.


2007-01-28 08:05:54 by honorshonors

So, I am going to start a detox for 7 days and then proceed with a diet plan. What I have in mind is to eat one yogurt in the morning (the light& fit one by dannon) or a cup of skim milk, fruits throughout the day (e.g. apples, grapefruit, mandarins), and vegetables for dinner (I'll buy a big bag of frozen brocolli, carots, cauliflower). If I'll feel really hungry during the day I'll have turkey wrapped in lettuce leaves and salad.
Drinks: V8 Juice, Green Tea, Diet Pepsi (varied during the day/week).
After 7 days, I'll introduce more food and get a gym membership.
What do you think of my plan? Sounds good? Again, the detox is just for one week.

Google it I just found this food plan

2010-09-23 08:30:24 by nightshade4

It sounds good for any of us and seems to answer your question
What Goes into a 7 Day Cleansing Diet
As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to approach a 7 day cleanse. Some people like to detox by drinking only fresh-squeezed fruit and/or vegetable juices and filtered water for the duration of the cleanse.
Others simply cut out processed foods and meat, or choose to eat only raw foods for a week. This sort of diet is a much more reasonable approach and likely just as effective because it still gives the body a break from the less-healthy foods you're regularly putting into it

Guess I don't see it as restricting

2006-10-12 13:19:37 by smwalker

My diet plan put me (6 foot male) on 2500 calories a day to eat and I really don't feel that's to restricting! Yes there are certain foods they don't let me eat ever. And to tell you the truth after 22 weeks on the plan I do not even miss them. But the stuff they do let me eat is good regular food.
Eggs, cereal, meats, fruits, vegetables, fish. It's not like I eat boiled chicken and cabbage soup 6 times a week or anything. It's a normal healthy diet with variety and spice that happen to have built into it a 500 calorie deficit to help me lose weight.
There was no "detox" phase or completely cutting out certain item for a length of time

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