Fruit smoothie Diet plan

How I lost 56 Pounds with the Green Smoothie Diet and Green Thickies

Until I got married I was always fairly slim. Although I was always on a permanent diet of some sort, with my weight fluctuating up and down a couple of dress sizes. I lost a lot of weight for the wedding in quite an unhealthy way. I was trying to eat ‘free’ food on a popular diet to fill myself up such as fat free jelly, egg white omelettes, hot chocolate, meringues, chips and sweets. As soon as we got on our honeymoon I became very ill, and ended up in hospital at the airport with such agonising stomach pains, I couldn’t walk. I felt ill all honeymoon and for the next couple of years my health went downhill. I piled on about 50 pounds, became quite overweight and felt really bad about myself.

Regular Diets Didn’t Work

My best friend asked me to be her only bridesmaid and I didn’t want to look so big. So I started a well known high protein, high fat, low carb diet. I bought the book in a bookshop and the lady behind the counter actually tried to talk me out of going on the diet as it was so unhealthy. I didn’t listen to her as I knew it would only be a short term faddy diet. I couldn’t even manage 2 weeks on the diet as I felt so sick and dizzy, and although I lost weight initially, I felt my digestion clogging up, and many other symptoms including no energy at all. I felt worse than I did before. For me a diet with no fruit and vegetables in it wasn’t good for my body.

Focusing On Health

The turning point for me came when we were fostering a teenage boy. I was feeling so ill and run down and decided I needed to take action and get well. The doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with me so I started reading books all about health. I came across a lot of health books that explained how certain foods could be making me ill and that a lack of nutrients wasn’t helping my body to heal.

I decided I was going to give it a try, so I gave up dairy, sugar and wheat which was hard but I was determined. I then started drinking green smoothies which contained fruit, water and leafy greens. You can’t taste the greens in them only the fruit which makes them delicious and give you loads of energy.

Raw Food Diet Detox

I then read about raw food diets and how you can detox and overcome your health problems. This sounded perfect for me. I then started a raw food diet. On this diet you just eat fruit, salad vegetables, and small amounts of nuts/seeds and avocados. I followed the guidelines by mainly following a green smoothie diet. The very next day after starting the diet my digestion was massively improved and the first week I lost 7 pounds. I stayed on this diet not deviating from it at all for 6 months as I was determined to get rid of my health problems once and for all. I did go through a major detox but my health problems were improving all the time so I knew this was doing me so much good.

Slim, Fit And Healthy

I got down to my ideal weight, felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life, all my health problems were gone and I was running for an hour a day. I was determined to stay on the green smoothie diet a while longer before deciding what my long term diet plan would become.

Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Improved Health


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But the good part of the article is this:

2010-01-21 07:08:51 by eatfruit

Cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease, building up in the walls of the arteries, hardening them and preventing blood flow to the heart. I scoured the Internet for suggestions on lowering cholesterol through diet. Fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains -- those seemed to be the way to go.
On my new eating plan, breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal (the only non-raw food I eat) with blueberries when they're in season or other fresh fruit, such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or apples.
Lunch is a smoothie made from orange juice or milk, plus fruit and ice

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