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8 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan

Many of you have been asking me about my diet plan and how I got to my bikini body in a short 8 weeks. I’m going to share with you a snapshot of my meal plan that you can tweak to your needs.

In short,my meal plan given to me by my trainer friend consisted of lots of protein and 6 small meals a day (200-350 cals each) to keep my metabolism up. Barely any carbs. That meant no fruit guys :(

I was so full the first day I went on it because I had never eaten so much protein in my life even though the meal plan measured to less than 1900 cals. I was also working out very hard,lifting weights and running 6 days a week (IN ADDITION TO TEACHING PILATES A MILLION TIMES A WEEK) so that’s why my intake was high. I needed ENERGY for killer workouts.

I wrote down how I felt each day in this huge poster chart thing. I also recorded my weight every morning and any other notes I wanted to give myself like “Great progress Cassey!Keep going!” Hahaha. I got my body fat % checked every 2 weeks to make sure I was GAINING MUSCLE and LOSING FAT.

(If you are trying to read my chart,that big pink blurb up in the right hand corner was something I wrote 2 literally days ago after I bounced back from my 2-week Feeling-Fat-and-Failing period. It basically says,“Today I am 118 again. THANK GOD. Working hard pays off. I have my bikini body back!!!!!”)

Here’s the meal plan…

meal 1

*egg white omelet (1/2 cup liquid egg whites) with 1 cup broccoli.

meal 2

*1 small can tuna with 2 cups broccoli.

meal 3

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast and 1 cup steamed green beans.

meal 4

*1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water (I was using Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla)

meal 5

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast,2 cups romain lettuce,1 tomato.

meal 6

1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water

For condiments I used lite soy sauce and tabasco. For dressings,basalmic vinegar or very light vinaigrettes. I also drank TONS of water.

That’s basically how I ate for 8 weeks.

I was suppose to carb load on Sundays to fuel up for the rest of the week,so the only difference here was that I did not take my protein and instead had sweet potatoes,black beans,oatmeal,and apple sauce. Apple sauce was the closest I ever got to eating fruit. I was allowed to sub the chicken breast for white fishes like cod. I could sub any of the veggies for other leafy greens.

This meal plan and lifting for about an hour followed by 15-20 min of intense cardio 6 days a week helped me go from 126 lbs and 24% body fat to 118 lbs and 17.5% body fat. I am 5’5”.


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Critique my diet / w.o. plan please

2011-08-25 10:52:15 by emZula

Im currently 24 175lb male 5 10
The goal of this diet is to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass if not gaining some.
1 scoop powder
1 cup of plain greek yogurt
1 serving of oats
mid meal
protein shake
6oz chicken
2 cup broc
2/3 cup lima beans
mid meal
2 oz nuts
1 oz of raisins
Work out
Post work out
Protein shake
6oz chicken
1 cup broc or spinach salad
2/3 cup of lima beans
I know it may lack in carbs but i think w/ the fruit and carbs from vegetables and meat it might be enough

How does my diet/exercize plan rate?

2005-10-19 15:14:07 by JudgeMe

Judge me, please.
I’m trying to lose 10 pounds (I have already lost 3, so 7 more to go). I am 5’4, 134, female, avg build, and a runner. Here’s my diet: breakfast is coffee (w/cream) & small bowl of cereal & light yogurt. Lunch is a good-sized spinach salad w/ light Italian dressing and some fruit or yogurt. Dinner is usually about 400 – 500 calories – usually a carb-based meal w/ protein. I’ve been averaging approx. 1500 cal/day and I run 6 days/week – 35 to 40 miles/wk.
I have been doing this 95% faithfully for 3 weeks and I have lost 3 pounds (which I’m happy with – seems like I should be losing more, but I guess since I’ve always been active, the loss isn’t going to be dramatic super fast)

I make my own diet plan

2004-09-28 09:20:39 by BothFeet

I pretty much know what I need to cut out when I start packing on pounds so I don't follow a set diet plan. If I eat a lot of take out, fast food, fried foods, pasta, etc ... I start to put on weight. If I cut back on those things I start to lose weight.
For dinner most nights I have lean meats as suggested by South Beach and fresh vegetables. I bring leftovers to work. I don't bother myself with worrying if the vegetables I am eating are too high in carbs. I figure vegies are just good for me. I eat fruit for desserts. I cut back things I love like white bread with lots of butter, tortillas, pasta

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