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5 A Day Fruit and Vegetables
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Eating the recommended 5 a day servings of fruit and vegetables is the most important element of any healthy eating plan.

The Health Benefits

For the last eight years the Dept. of Health has been trying to drive home the "5-A-Day" message. Research proves that eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day has very real health benefits. It can help to prevent heart diseases and some cancers. Evidence shows however, that many of us are not listening to this healthy eating advice. Recent research shows that only 1 in 7 of us achieve the 5 a day quota.

Dept. of Health to issue 5-A-Day Logo

To further drive home the healthy eating message, the Dept. of Health is introducing a new 5-A-Day logo initiative in Spring 2003. The Dept. of Health's logo will clearly indicate the fruits and vegetables that contribute towards the 5 portions it recommends you to eat each day. The logo will appear on fresh, frozen, tinned or dried fruit and vegetables and will indicate how many portions the food will count as. The criteria to use the logo is strict and aims to encourage you to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

In an effort to encourage healthy eating more research is being done by the Dept. of Health to help clear up confusion about what counts towards 5 a day and what doesn't - several processed foods with added salt, sugar and fat, despite containing fruit or vegetables will not at present qualify for the logo.

What stops you from getting 5 a day - Time, Money, Dislike All Fruit and Vegetables?

Lack of time for healthy shopping

Look out for canned, frozen and juiced fruit and vegetables. They are just as nutritious. Buying your fruit and vegetables in this way also means you have plenty to hand when you need it without having to spend time stocking up with fresh produce every few days. Healthy eating doesn't mean you can't make use of convenience foods.

5 a day is too expensive

Don't be fooled, you could find healthy eating better for your budget. Fruit and vegetables (excluding exotic / imported ones) are surprisingly cheap. An average banana costs 20p - less than most bars of chocolate / crisps from the vending machine - and provides more in the way of nourishment for less calories.


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South Beach has a vegetarian plan

2010-02-17 10:52:04 by krippilicious

I think you can sign up for week trial on the Web site for free. You could also check out the original book from the library or buy it super cheap on Amazon or at a used book store, but I don't think the original has any info on a vegetarian-specific plan. Still, reading the science behind the diet helps a lot when it comes to making your own food choices instead of just following recipes.
I'm vegetarian and try to focus on getting in more protein and fewer carbs. For me, it requires twice monthly treks to Whole Foods to stock up on seitan and sometimes Quorn. I personally try to avoid processed soy meat alternatives, but there are a lot of them out there at all grocery stores that are good in a pinch

First of all, you need to be on a low carb diet.

2009-06-09 11:02:58 by happyenuf

Don't let anyone terrorize you out of eating correctly. Limit your carbs to fresh vegetables, berries, nuts, dairy and an occasional piece of fruit. Many diabetics willsee their disease recede entirely if they follow that eating plan. Avoid sugar, fruit juice, potatoes, rice, and bread. If you must have some of the above on occassion, stick to mixed grains. Avoid both regular soda with sugar and diet drinks of any kind - they both lead to metabolic syndrome. Caffeine causes blood sugar spikes in Type II diabetics, so avoid coffee as well.
My husband was diabetic. Once I got him on Atkins, it was gone

My diet plan

2008-05-22 11:31:34 by cognit

I lost about 75 pounds (and kept it off) this way:
I quit drinking alcohol.
I quit drinking anything with calories. I drink black coffee, diet soda, and lots of water.
I quit fast food.
I quit cheese.
I cut way back on chocolate. (That’s still an ongoing battle).
I started buying fruit. I hated it at first. I had to make myself eat a piece of fruit before I would allow myself a candy bar. But after about a month of forcing myself to eat fruits and vegetables, I found myself enjoying them

A diet plan then might help

2011-05-10 09:43:59 by Ecr

I did this:
Breakfast: Cereal with skim/fat free milk. 1% or 2% is not bad either if you really can't do skim/fat free. Keep it interesting, change up the flavors once in a while so it doesn't become a chore. And don't eat too much... I'd say I had 3/4ths to a whole cup's worth for breakfast.
Lunch: Meat, salad, and a little bit of bread. Avoid bacon, cheese, heavy dressings (ranch, french, ect) and make sure it's only something like 2 slices of bread worth of carbs you are taking in.
Snack: Fruit. Vegetables work too.

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