3 day fruit Flush diet plan

The Fruit Flush Diet takes away 10 pounds in 3 days - Boston fitness
Stacey Keibler s diet: No fruits, sugar, or gluten sweat every

The Fruit Flush Diet promises a 9 to 10 weight loss in 3 days!

“During the 3-Day Fruit Flush, your system is relieved of the digestive burden of eating other foods and can clean out its system while burning fat because fruit is nature’s perfect cleansing food, " says personal trainer and certified clinical nutritionist Jay Robb, author of the Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox. (WebMD)

Robb says that his quick weight loss plan is different from others because you can eat lean protein.

"When you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein for 36 hours, you go into a fat-burning mode which preserves your muscle mass, " he says.

He admits that 1/2 of that weight loss is water and some think it may even be a higher percentage.

The Fruit Flush Diet works by drinking protein shakes only for the first day and then for the next two days eat fresh fruit every two hours and for dinner have raw vegetables and a small portion of lean protein or a protein shake.

The diet provides about 900-1, 000 calories each day. So this is what I say to everyone and anyone who asks: it is all about the calories. You can eat 1, 000 calories of Snickers bars and lose weight or you can eat five 200 calorie meals and lose weight though you should from a fitness point of view be eating at least 1200 calories and that's a minimum. Still for 3 days 1, 000 calories won't kill you (Don't quote me) and may be what you need to fit into the dress for your high school class reunion.

Other than fresh fruit, raw vegetables, protein drinks, and lean sources of protein, there isn't a whole lot you can eat on this diet. You can't eat dairy, caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, diet and regular sodas, starches, cooked vegetables, juices, most fats, and all sweets.

The American Dietetic Association spokesperson Elisa Zied, MS, RD, says that if you don’t have diabetes, it is fine to eat fruit alone but a better option is to eat some protein along with the fruit.

Exercise is not recommended during the 3 Day Fruit Flush because of the very low calorie intake, but is encouraged afterward, when dieters move to a higher-calorie diet, Robb says. Of course that goes against everything in which I believe.

For more information on this diet go to WEBMD

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Regarding fiber, part 2

2003-09-04 00:56:01 by readthebook

Regarding fiber: on any controlled carb plan, you should be getting ample fiber from the vegetables you eat, and after the induction period, some whole grains as well. I eat 4 servings of veg and one serving of nuts, seeds or fruit (selected fruits) per day. This amounts to one huge salad filled with all kinds of raw veg, plus two other veg with a meal plus some fruit or nuts. I also eat an almost 100% bran flatbread with breakfast, plus small portions of various other whole grains during the week. I am in maintenance, so try to keep my carbs to around 60 per day with most of them coming from veg


2010-07-16 02:08:43 by Gomerpyles

Well Considering i'm not profressional, I don't know your medical history and know what you can and can't handle. It sounds like you will start out with a diet plan that will constantly change and onces that doesn't suffice anymore. You will have to start incorporating an excersize plan that will elevate your heart rate without causing problems.
Try for about a Week is a high fiber diet with only 220g if of Carbs. Those carbs will be coming from Whole Wheat, Rice, or Starches. along with 200g of Protein mainly coming from Fish, and Chicken. Your fat intake should be low as well

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