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Top 25 hCG Diet Recipes You Should Try Immediately
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We are continuing our collection of (juicy) 25 hCG diet recipes you can try today for your health condition.

Here are the next 8 hCG dieting recipes, enjoy and leave your comments (at the bottom) if you like.

#9hCG Diet Recipes: Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes are a great choice for your hCG diet recipes. Great crab cakes have very little filler or binder. And those extras really increase the calories. Fortunately, that makes them great fare for an hCG dieter. Perhaps crab cakes used to be a splurge item, now they are a smart choice these days to reach your weight loss goals.

#10hCG Diet Recipes: Citrus Fish

Most recipes for Citrus Fish are pretty basic. Just because you’re making hCG diet recipes doesn’t mean you should stint yourself on flavor.

#11hCG Diet Recipes: Lemon Cabbage

Cabbage makes great diet food—and in hCG diet recipes it’s not different. However, finding new and interesting ways to fix cabbage is a challenge. In this recipe, cabbage get’s dressed up to make a fabulous side dish.

#12hCG Diet Recipes: Italian Vegetable Soup

Sometimes the best flavor in a dish comes from making more than one serving. When it comes to hCG diet recipes for Italian Vegetable Soup, you’ll get more taste by making at least 2 servings at a time. Of course, this also makes a meal time faster later in the week or at lunch with leftovers.

#13hCG Diet Recipes: Cole Slaw

Are you tired of cabbage yet? Well, one way to combat cabbage fatigue is switch things up! Other kinds of cabbage help you stay on track and not feel like throwing that head of produce across the store the next time you’re shopping.

#14hCG Diet Recipes: High Protein Pancakes

Starchy breakfast foods are one of the things people miss in their hCG diet recipes. And while there are some recipes out there, getting a result that is truly satisfying can be a challenge. To make high protein pancakes you’ll be happy with, make sure you have your sifter on hand and a few different ingredients.

#15hCG Diet Recipes: Vegetable Salad

The mainstay foods of an effective diet don’t change. That’s why in hCG diet recipes you see so many vegetables. When you want taste, texture, and nutrition without loading up on calories, turn to veggies to do the job. Here’s a way to make a typical vegetable salad interesting and different.

#16hCG Diet Chili Recipe

Chili recipes run the gamut. Finding an hCG diet chili recipe is challenging While this one may not win any competitive awards, it will knock out the hCG diet recipe contenders with more flavor than you ever thought could fit into a lean, healthy bowl of chili.

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SB has a vegetarian plan online

2009-09-08 14:23:40 by krippilicious

You can access their Web site for free for a weeklong trial, I believe. You could use that time to download some of their vegetarian recipes and start creating your own meal plans.
I did South Beach many years ago as the catalyst for my weight loss. I wasn't vegetarian then, but I have been for a very long time now, and I still follow SB principles. Understanding the science behind that diet is what's helped me maintain my weight loss and make good choices that fit in with my diet no matter if I'm cooking or at a restaurant or at a party or whatever. That's going to be the biggest takeaway for you: rather than just reading recipes, make sure you...

Common Sense Vegetarian Diet

2009-12-17 15:39:59 by HOUsFinestElf

I don't take pills
I don't drink chalky smoothies from a packet
I don't eat only grapefruits, cabbage soup or lemonade
I don't fast
I don't starve myself
I don't eat fast food
I don't eat meat (personal choice)
I don't shame myself if I have a slice of pizza
I don't inject myself with any chemicals or such that promises miraculous weight loss without any work on my part
I don't eat when I'm bored, tired, sad, mad or sick
I DO count my calories and watch what I eat

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