Vegetables Recipes for HCG Diet

Top 25 hCG Diet Recipes You Should Try Immediately
The HCG Diet Plan – What It Is And How It Works

We are continuing our collection of (juicy) 25 hCG diet recipes you can try today for your health condition.

Here are the next 8 hCG dieting recipes, enjoy and leave your comments (at the bottom) if you like.

#9hCG Diet Recipes: Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes are a great choice for your hCG diet recipes. Great crab cakes have very little filler or binder. And those extras really increase the calories. Fortunately, that makes them great fare for an hCG dieter. Perhaps crab cakes used to be a splurge item, now they are a smart choice these days to reach your weight loss goals.

#10hCG Diet Recipes: Citrus Fish

Most recipes for Citrus Fish are pretty basic. Just because you’re making hCG diet recipes doesn’t mean you should stint yourself on flavor.

#11hCG Diet Recipes: Lemon Cabbage

Cabbage makes great diet food—and in hCG diet recipes it’s not different. However, finding new and interesting ways to fix cabbage is a challenge. In this recipe, cabbage get’s dressed up to make a fabulous side dish.

#12hCG Diet Recipes: Italian Vegetable Soup

Sometimes the best flavor in a dish comes from making more than one serving. When it comes to hCG diet recipes for Italian Vegetable Soup, you’ll get more taste by making at least 2 servings at a time. Of course, this also makes a meal time faster later in the week or at lunch with leftovers.

#13hCG Diet Recipes: Cole Slaw

Are you tired of cabbage yet? Well, one way to combat cabbage fatigue is switch things up! Other kinds of cabbage help you stay on track and not feel like throwing that head of produce across the store the next time you’re shopping.

#14hCG Diet Recipes: High Protein Pancakes

Starchy breakfast foods are one of the things people miss in their hCG diet recipes. And while there are some recipes out there, getting a result that is truly satisfying can be a challenge. To make high protein pancakes you’ll be happy with, make sure you have your sifter on hand and a few different ingredients.

#15hCG Diet Recipes: Vegetable Salad

The mainstay foods of an effective diet don’t change. That’s why in hCG diet recipes you see so many vegetables. When you want taste, texture, and nutrition without loading up on calories, turn to veggies to do the job. Here’s a way to make a typical vegetable salad interesting and different.

#16hCG Diet Chili Recipe

Chili recipes run the gamut. Finding an hCG diet chili recipe is challenging While this one may not win any competitive awards, it will knock out the hCG diet recipe contenders with more flavor than you ever thought could fit into a lean, healthy bowl of chili.

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Need recommended recipes for anti-yeast diet.

2013-09-02 00:04:36 by nook1357

My Mom has a really bad yeast infection throughout her intestinal tract. I need to put her on a diet that has no sugar,no Splenda, no yeast, no starches, no high sugar vegetables and products that use yeast to age them (wine, vinegar,cheese, soy sauce). The whole idea is to kill off the yeast in her system. Yeast lives on sugars and starches. I also need to keep her weight up.
I can only use any protein that is not cured with sugar. Yogert is ok, but not milk. Most fats are fine to use. Most nuts are fine except peanuts.
So far I can think of making stir fry, some soups, and egg dishes

Looking for new Vegetables... suggestions?

2009-01-11 03:25:43 by M81meg81

I lost a lot of weight, but did not really maintain a sensible diet. My new years resolution last year was to lose weight, this year it is actually to eat healthier.
I am slowly acquiring my taste for vegetables. Right now mainly Brussel Sprouts, Sugar Snap Peas, and frozen peas. I'm looking for any suggestions for vegetables or recipes to try. I want to eat better and encourage my 2 baby girls to do the same.
Thanks for your help.

Am collecting low fat recipes for this go-round

2012-02-19 20:00:05 by feebeejeebee

I gained 22 lbs on my recent 16-day round of steroids due to another bout of pneumonia. Dr wants me to try a low fat diet for 8 months as part of a study for diabetics. Problem is that I have never really done low fat - always low calorie or low carb. I live in a very small town and fish is not easily accessible, nor do I have a good assortment of vegetables. I could use all the suggestions I can get. I have about a dozen recipes now and have my meals planned out for a week, but I would like to have more on hand.
Thanks in advance! I have always gotten good meal ideas from this forum in the past.

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