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Diet Tips For Fruits And Vegetables
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Diet Tips On Fruits And Vegetables

There are numerous health promoting reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. It is easy to do.
  2. Almost all are low in calories and fat.
  3. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and fiber.
  4. They may help reduce cancer risk.

Here are some diet tips about fruits and vegetables:

  • Buy many kinds of fruits and vegetables when you shop. Purchase frozen, dried, and canned fruits and vegetables to use when you do not have time to buy fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • The first meals after shopping should use fruits and vegetables which go bad easily (peaches, asparagus). Save the hardier varieties (apples, acorn squash) or frozen and canned types for later in the week.
  • Use the salad bar to buy cut-up fruits/vegetables if you are in a hurry.
  • Keep a fruit bowl, raisins or other dried fruit on the kitchen counter, table, or in the office as a healthy snack.
  • Pack a piece of fruit or cut-up vegetables in your briefcase or backpack.
  • Keep a bowl of cut-up vegetables on the top shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Add fruit to breakfast by drinking fruit juice or by having fruit on cereal.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to lunch by having them in soups, salad, or cut-up raw.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to dinner by micro-waving or steaming vegetables and having a fruit desert.
  • Increase portions when you serve vegetables and fruits. Use low-fat seasoning with herbs, spices, and lemon juice. If sauce is used, choose a nonfat or low-fat sauce.
  • Choose fruit for dessert. For a special dessert, try a fruit parfait with low-fat yogurt or sherbet topped with berries.
  • Add extra varieties of vegetables when you prepare soups, sauces, and casseroles (for example, grate carrot and zucchini into spaghetti sauce).
For additional information, please visit the Nutrition Center.
Last Editorial Review: 6/19/2003


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Vegetables and psyllium

2010-11-08 05:59:10 by ventuhome

I get psyllium at Trader Joes for about $4 a can, Lasts me for weeks. Mix it in a bottle with coffee and a shot of milk and chocolate and you've got a cheap diet drink meal replacement. Vegetables are more expensive, but improve your health tremendously. Get whatever is on sale, then look up some recipes online. Nearly all vegetables go great with just a little chunk of melted cheese. I eat meat and cheese, but (try to!) in small amounts, like a tablespoon's worth.

Lost 12 lbs in 7 days-reposting the diet here

2004-12-08 10:26:49 by cad

Wow- just weighed in- i lost 12 lbs 7 12/08 10:23:05
this diet is so hot. im going on vacation but back on diet after new years. BTW- i dont eat like a pig regularly so im not worried about putting it back on. i also work out . i think ive been retaining water since i started working out, and the diet helped get rid of it. i feel so much better. i went from 164 to 152 exactly. thank GOD. ive been busting my ass...nice to see the scale agree with me. i should be around 125 so ive got a ways to go. the diets like this:
you make a big pot of vegetable soup
there are tons of recipes) that vary slightly

If you are on Atkins diet

2007-02-07 12:45:42 by Andeatingtherightfoods

You ARE already eating carbs if you are eating vegetables, grains and nuts. Even your cheeses and some meats have carbs in them. I have been on Atkins for awhile and I eat plenty of fresh vegetables, healthy oils, nuts and seeds, berries and melon, flaxseed and wheat bran, cheese and low carb milk. And I drink plenty of water. I am wondering where some folks get their ideas about Atkins from in thinking that we are eating just one food group. If you talk to folks who actually live the lifestyle, you will get an idea of the way we really live. The only things I've cut out of my way of living are refined sugar, foods made with white flour, potatoes and regular pasta

You aren't going to achieve the results you want

2007-10-18 20:00:30 by Snowbirdz

Just by taking nutritionals, you have to improve your diet, it's that simple.
For depression you could drink 2 - 3 cups of Green Tea per day, has been shown that people who drink Green Tea do not suffer from depression.
If you are fussy and don't like vegetables much you could buy the book, Deceptfully Delicious where you can get a ton of recipes with vegetable puree hiden inside without changing the taste. (Not as good as actually eating vegetables, but a start)
MAke sure you drink water, about 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces per day.
For a nutritional product you could try Limu Plus, contains everything you need in one shot (liquid)

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