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Kid-Friendly Vegetable Recipes

Think you can’t serve vegetables other than corn and mashed potatoes to kids or picky eaters? This collection of veggie side dishes and main dishes that sneak in veggies is worth a try on stubborn diners. When possible, let kids help out in the kitchen, challenge them to try new foods by taking them to the store and letting them pick a new veggie to try, or offer vegetables in new ways.

In this recipe for Pasta with Winter Squash and Pine Nuts, butternut squash breaks down as it cooks to create a smooth, hearty sauce for the pasta. Pasta, a pro at pleasing kids, dressed with a vegetable-based sauce, is sure to please veggie-seeking parents and picky kids all at once.

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Lots of recipe suggestions here on the forum

2011-05-17 06:59:55 by jerrisophicles

Click the "search vegan forum" link at the top of the page and enter "recipe".
There are also a lot of good videos on YouTube with vegan recipes. I made woh wonton soup for the first time and it was fantastic.
To lose weight, eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Your body will find its proper weight when you don't eat processed foods. High-veggie cooked foods are also OK but go easy on the sauces. People tend to eat more when we add sauce. This is why Morning Star and Boca are OK, but won't help much with weight because they're heavily processed.
Try eating a robust salad for lunch

HEALTHY RECIPES--and they are easy too!

2005-04-02 21:40:04 by MissPami

Hey I thought I'd post some really healthy recipes that are delicious and easy--trust me! A big thing in weight loss for me has been eating whole foods that are healthy. Eating like Lean Cuisine and reduced calorie cookies, chips, etc. NEVER worked for me because they don't taste good, and they just make you want the real thing.
Instead, eating more of real vegetables instead of stuff with all the chemicals and preservatives is really much more satisfying. And, why tease yourself with those shitty cookies, when it will just make you want more. Here are some recipes that I like and that are good for you too! (I am a vegetarian so they are all meat free as well, except fish)
Breakfast/snack ideas:
Ezekial bread makes a sliced bran bread with plenty of fiber (encorporating...

Concerning the food you are eating,

2013-04-07 12:48:49 by rebuhy

Are the oats steel rolled oats or those oatmeal packets? You want the steel rolled oats.
Is the soup homemade from fresh ingredients, or is it canned? The canned soups are full of sodium & have little in the way of plenty of nutritious vegetables and meat.
What do you put in your salads? Dressing should not be store bought since that is full of calories. You can google salad dressing for healthy recipes made with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, etc.
One of my go to snacks/meals when I am hungry at night, is shredded grilled chicken breast wrapped in dark green lettuce with a little cheese

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