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There's nothing like a refreshing fruit smoothie to help cool you down. They are nutritious, quick, and delicious. You can make them with just fruit, or add dairy products such as yogurt or nonfat ice cream to make them creamy and rich. Add wheat germ, flax seeds, ground oats, or other nutritious items to your smoothie recipe to boost the vitamin and fiber content for a quick breakfast in a glass.

Please note: Many of these recipes call for nonfat yogurt, both plain and fruit flavored. In all cases, the nutritive value of the recipes was calculated based on nonfat plain yogurt, or nonfat flavored yogurt which was sweetened with aspartame. For a thicker texture, blend with frozen fruit. (Wash fruit, dry well, and stem or peel; slice if necessary. Freeze in an airtight container or a zip-lock plastic bag until solid, at least 2 hours or up to several days.) If you don't have time to freeze the fruit, simply whirl in some crushed ice until smoothie is as thick as you like. For added creaminess in any of these smoothies recipes, add low-fat or non-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. To make ahead, blend your smoothie, pour it into a freezer-proof glass or cup, cover airtight, and store in the freezer until you want it (up to 3 days). Thaw smoothie until it's ready - a great breakfast or lunch on the run. If your fruit's not quite ripe, add a small amount of honey or sugar to taste; powdered sugar dissolves faster than granulated, but either one works fine.


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Any great recipes for a 3 day fruit fast?

2006-11-10 19:51:42 by just_married

I normally enjoy a very healthy (as in big and healthy) appetite, but I am supposed to do a 3 day fruit fast as part of an ongoing "body overhaul" at my gym.
I will be including all fruits, and tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados and olives in my diet for the three days. I'm also going to "bend" the rules a little and allow olive oil, herbs and vinegar.
Other than modified greek salads, whole fruits, smoothies and hot fresh tomato soups, what kinds of recipes would you recommend to fill me up and get through these three days without my typical meat and potatoes fare?
Inspiration please!

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Fruit Smoothie Recipe | Tropical Paradise
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