Fruit juice diet recipes

Recipe for success: your seven day juicing guide

By JASON VALE, Daily Mail

Last updated at 13:38 19 June 2006

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JM's Super Juice

½ lime, peeled
2 apples, any type except Granny Smiths as they don't juice well
½ pineapple
½ medium cucumber
½ ripe avocado
1oz fresh wheatgrass or wheatgrass powder
1 level tsp spirulina
1 capsule of acidophilus bacteria powder
Ice cubes

Juice the apples, pineapple, cucumber and lime. Put the avocado flesh into a blender with the ice, wheatgrass, spirulina and the bacteria powder.
Blend everything until smooth, pour and enjoy.

JM's Turbo Express

½ small pineapple
½ stick celery
1in chunk of cucumber
1 small handful of spinach leaves
1 small piece of peeled lime
2 apples
½ ripe avocado
Ice cubes

Juice the pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime and apples. Place the ripe avocado flesh in a blender along with the ice and juice mixture. Blend until smooth.
Pour into glass and enjoy.

JM's Boost Juice

½ large pineapple
2 apples
½ mug Alfalfa sprouts
½ mug watercress
½ mug parsley
½ mug kale
½ mug broccoli
1oz shot of fresh wheatgrass juice (or 1 tsp wheatgrass powder)
2 ice cubes

Juice all the ingredients, then add the wheatgrass shot or teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Pour into a glass over the ice.

JM's Super Detox Juice

2 apples
½ cucumber
1 stick celery
1 small handful of spinach
Ice cubes
1 heaped tsp Dr Udo's Beyond Greens supplement (if you don't have this, replace by juicing a handful of mixed green leaves such as watercress, parsley or lettuce).

Juice the apples, cucumber, celery and spinach. Pour into blender, then add ice and Beyond Greens. Blend for about 1 minute or until smooth. If you use mixed green leaves instead of Beyond Greens, simply juice these along with the other ingredients and then add the ice.

Passion 4 Juice Master

½ small pineapple
1 apple
½ banana
200g natural organic yoghurt (if you're a vegan, use soya yoghurt)
½ tsp spirulina

Juice the pineapple and apple and pour into blender or smoothie-maker with the banana, yoghurt and spirulina. Blend until smooth. If you don't like yoghurt (dairy or otherwise), use half a small pineapple instead.

JM's Homemade Sherbet Lemonade

2 Golden Delicious apples
1/3 lemon, wax-free and with the rind on
2 ice cubes

Simply juice the apples and lemon and pour over ice - it really does taste like sherbet lemonade.

JM's Hot ' n' Spicy

3 apples
1 good pinch of cinnamon

Juice the apples and pour juice into a saucepan. Slowly heat but do not boil. When nice and hot, pour into a mug, add cinnamon and serve.

JM's Lemon / Ginger Zinger

2 carrots
2 apples
1in slice of lemon, wax-free, with rind left on
½ in of fresh ginger
2 ice cubes

This wonderful juice is a favourite of the super-fit Martina Navratilova, winner of 58 grand slam tennis tournaments. Simply juice all ingredients and pour into a glass over ice.

JM's Pure Green Super Juice

2 sticks of celery
½ medium cucumber
1 small handful of spinach
1oz shot of fresh wheatgrass juice or 1 tsp of wheatgrass powder
1 slice of orange
2 ice cubes


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2008-07-03 09:51:05 by redtoes

With out being a member.
but angel food cake is a good option. and take some frozen strawberries in their own juice with no added sugar and let them thaw(you can use any type of fruit actually) and then make a package of sugar free jello in the same flavor as what ever fruit you are using and once it's set use a mixer to combine the jello, a container of FF coolwhip and the fruit.
you can also do diet coke cupcakes. 1 package devils food cake, 1 can diet coke. mix and bake, top w/ ff coolwhip. this is actually pretty good. and you can use any diet flavor diet sode & any flavor package cake mix.

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