Fruit and vegetables smoothie diet recipes

Smoothies for Weight Loss: Flat Belly Smoothie Diet Recipes
My Favorite Green Smoothie

These 10 delicious fruit smoothies for weight loss will help you shed belly fat and flatten your stomach

Quick and easy to prepare, these smoothie recipes not only contain a variety of refreshing fruits, they pack MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids)—the Flat Belly Diet powerhouse ingredient that specifically targets belly fat. Get more recipes, meal ideas, and weight loss tips when you join the Flat Belly Diet online!

These filling, creamy smoothies are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a Flat Belly snack and each recipe is around 400 calories per serving. And to boost their Flat Belly power even more, pair them with these 5 one-minute weight loss secrets for even faster results. Happy sipping!

Click here for the complete Flat Belly Cookbook and lose up to 15 pounds in 32 days eating the foods you love!

Cakes and Smoothies that melt belly fat - try it tonight! Flat Belly Diet Cookbook


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I"m about 75% raw...

2009-01-10 17:03:21 by veggirl77

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds........and that doesn't mean a plate of vegetables or a salad.
There are fantastic "raw" recipes for "lasagne", wraps, nut "cheese", veggie burgers, breads, soup, desserts, etc.
I also drink a smoothie daily made with "Nutabiotic" brown ric protein that I mix with fruit and flax seeds.
There are a lot of living/raw foods websites out there. Check them out. (I have a few recipes on my website,
I happen to a raw food cafe near my home in Hilltown, PA that I frequent a lot.
"Arnolds", which is my favorite place to eat, makes the best wraps and smoothies!! A new place just opened in Bethlehem, PA called the "Wildflower Cafe" that I have not been to yet, but will one of these days

HI! My thoughts:

2010-07-06 07:35:11 by speakingbluntly

I too think you need to educate yourself about HEALTHY eating. The sugar, and lack of nutrients, in the smoothie has been addressed.
Some other examples/traps:
I used to think fruit was like vegetables, that you could pretty much eat all you wanted. Not true. A lot of fruits are pretty high in calories, proportion wise, because of the natural sugars. Go to a calorie site and list the fruits you eat, then put the portion size and calories down. Just be aware of much you are eating and what the total calories are.
Salads: yes, salads can be healthy and be a good 'diet' food

SMGC Publishing Smoothies Recipes - Healthy - Diet - Weight Loss - Free Book
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