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Fruit and Vegetable Detox

A fruit and vegetable detox is a quick and healthy way to cleanse the body and lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are perfect foods, and eating a variety of them each day, instead of eating processed foods or other foods, will quickly rejuvenate your digestive system. When you choose to detox with a raw fruit and vegetable diet, you choose a practical path to health.

A fruit and vegetable detox is the easiest way to cleanse your body.

While it is not necessary to go on a fruit and vegetables-only diet to cleanse the body, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, in certain cases, these diets can provide a valuable step to overall cleansing and a new lifestyle. As long as a fruit and vegetable detox diet is not a crash approach or a quick fix, you can spend three days to a week eating fruits and vegetables only, as an initial cleansing technique.

During a fruit and vegetable detox, we recommend only eating soft fruits and berries before noon, and combining fruits and vegetables the rest of the day. We also recommend enjoying frequent snacks of whichever fruit or vegetable you wish. It may be hard to feel satisfied at first, but we recommend you get into the habit of chewing your food thoroughly and eating mindfully to learn to enjoy the process of eating raw.

Some who choose a fruit and vegetable detox choose to lightly steam some of their vegetables.

As long as they are not overcooked, vegetables retain some of their nutrients and enzymes when lightly steamed or sauteed in olive oil. We’ll leave the choice up to you, but we think eating raw on a fruit and vegetable diet is far more beneficial.

Another recommendation we have is that you eat plenty of salad. You can combine fruit and vegetables in a salad with fresh lemon juice squeezed over it for a satisfying lunch or dinner. The best thing about salads is that there are no rules, you can combine several beneficial ingredients in one meal, and by using lemon juice instead of salad dressing, you add a powerful detoxing agent and antioxidant.

Whichever foods you choose to use during your fruit and vegetable detox, you will be successful if you have clear goals in mind. Planning well will ensure you stick with your detox. You should also plan on a cleanse and detox like our 14 day cleanse as a healthy next step that will incorporate whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and lean meats into your diet.

A fruit and vegetable detox will provide valuable nutrition and healing ingredients to cleanse your body. A fruit and vegetable detox is also a wonderful lead in to a healthier diet and lifestyle. If you plan on detoxing using this method, please comment here and share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you, so start your fruit and vegetable detox today!

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I went through something

2005-01-08 22:24:47 by likethat

But the blood test said "rheumatoid factor: positive."
as someone said above, the medical lexicon tries to label these auto-immune disorders as distinct diseases, but not much really fits neatly into the categories.
also, as said above, digestion disorders are almost always present with auto-immune diseases. and as said above, you likely have a fungus too.
i had to change my lifestyle and diet completely to heal. and my healing continues. i learned how to do an extended detoxification. in my case, discovered i can have absolutely no sugar at all ever, including fruit

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